Dragon Permission 1-2-3

We learned that the Ocean’s Wept,
And that it was okay for us to Weep for our World.
And so, we did;
And we Cleansed the Path ahead
With Ocean’s of Purifying Tears.

And then we found
That having an Imagination
Was like Playing
With a stick of Dynamite;
And it was as much fun
As blowing shit up
To imagine all the new shit
That the “Blowing Up”
Actually… Instantiated.

And then we Realized… each and every ones of us… privately and individually…
fuck me!
My WORST Demons are,
In fact,
My Best Friends!

So, no more Banishings!
Invitations only!
All Beings are welcome!
Even you ugly evil ones!

Now, is that Christlike? Or what?

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