Dragon Seizure Disorder

Yeah. I got a seizure disorder. The Dragon seizes me and my imagination filter disappears and everything cumming outta my mouth [as well as all other orifices] and my mind and imagination is just … Dragon. In the form of Thaumaturgickal Treasure Hunts and Dragon Pornography and jokes.

And I am talking to you about Dragon Ekstaticality…

Which is like Acid Rush Detonation Syndrome…

Ever drop a hit of window pane acid into your eye?

You probably don’t want to.

But here is the thing…

The Children of the Thermonuclear Light can switch the lotus flower flower of hallucinogenic detonation on and off at will without the use any chemicals other than the ones we breathe and drink.

It followed empirically that the intellectual function would develop the quickest and first. The development of the imagination function was undervalued, underestimated, and, under-investigated.

What resulted was a series of X-Men-like new human species emergences that postulated new Powers never before seen on Earth.

This particular Generation we mention could also be called “The Ekstasis on Demand Generation” and they are the “Trip Guides” who open the Doors and Windows so we can See and Breathe.

… and End the Human Sacrifice.

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