Musical Gyronoetiks

Music in the background can be quite inspiring. Now that Big Science is done, I am listening to Laurie Anderson’s Strange Angels and of course I just love that title and what it describes and all of a sudden what the Crop Circles and the UFOs are all about remains explaining the Opening… yes… the Open Channel… you Know what I mean… Open… Channel… 23.

We are the Extra-Terrestrials.

And those are OUR UFOs.

And the Crop Circles remain unread.

Think… Astral Plane… but Dragon Style… so you Know it has to Whirl like a Dervish… and we call that a Gyronoesis.

An earlier “Wave” of Missioneers called it the Astral Plane, but it is more correctly named here by the Dragonologists and Dragoneers for what it truly is…

“The Spin of the Dragon”

“The Gyronoesis”

And when you go there…

It always feels like Flight…

Like an Eternal Ekstatic Flight.

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