Dear Dragon

There is something to be said for the conversational approach.
Don’t you agree?
I have noticed you.
Don’t think I haven’t noticed you because I have.
I have felt you for one thing.
Reverberating. Syncopating.
Beneath my feet.
Deep in the Earth.
Where the Core is hot, and metallic, and magnetic.
And it isn’t just one Core.
It is two.
One inside of the other.
Spinning, in opposite directions!
One constituted of solid metal.
The other of liquid metal.
One does not need a “Science Fiction Genius”
To come up with this shit!
Just a Dragon!
That’s it!
That’s all I needed.
And I soon discovered
There ain’t no “12 Step Program”
No, my Dear Dragon.
One might say
There is a certain
13 Steppiness about you
I simply cannot
Explain away.

“Oh my Wonder!”
“My Dear Thauma Momma!”
“My Dear Dragon!”
“You make me Transcendentally Horny!”
“Come over HERE and JUXTAPOSE the PARTS of My ALL! Baby!”
“You are the Detonation”
“That Lights up my World!”
“What do I have to do?”
“To Make you go BOOM?”
“For me?”

Okay. Okay. Slow down. I’m writing all of this down now!
Sex shop? What sex shop?

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