Dear Dragon (Continued)…

Continuing with the conversational mode idea,
I said that I can feel you my Dear Dragon.
In the Earth.

But did I tell you about
The geomagnetic part of it?
Yes. Geomagnetic.
With those two hot Cores
Rubbing together down Below,
One Creates a Protective Womb
Of Magnetism Far Above.

Clever Dragon!

All of a sudden this whole idea
Of the Gyronoetikon that you came up with
My Dear Dragon
Turns out to be
More far reaching and complicated
Than at first I scientifically thought.

But once I put my Blessed Imagination
To Thaumaturgickal Work
It ALL made Grand Doomed Sense!

I gotta Dragon Hand it to YOUR Claw
My Deranger, My Destroyer, My Detonator Kaleidoskopia!

You showed ME the Path of the Dragon.
My Path of Doom.
A Path of Detonation.

The Path to Oblivion!

Where one can Sing to the most Beautiful Music not yet Heard!
Where one can Dance the most Beautiful Dance not yet Stepped!

Do you not See it?
How can I possibly Explain it?

Why, it was “The Children of the Thermonuclear Night”
Who Led the Way.

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