Dear Dragon (It’s Me Again)…

You see, I don’t just feel you “down there” in the Earth.
I feel you “out here” in the open Air.
And “up there” in the Wide Open Sky.
What is Dragon Up with that Tattoo?

And it isn’t just a Smell like a Stink or a Funk.
Although that is a part of any Dragon Tall Tale Told.
If you are Dragon-splainin’
You be Mixing Al-Chemicals,
Not just “Chemistry Set” Chemicals.

But no. That’s not it. I am onto two something else’s.
Both, it happens to be, borne “Telesmatic” you may say.
Or you may not. But here, I do. So, I say… I FEEL you!
In the magnetic field of the Earth
That goes out for tens of thousands of miles.
And, in the Precipitation of the Light
From the Sun to the Earth
Some 93 million miles.

Yup. Being Human is like being a letter in an envelope.
Except, it isn’t just one envelope.
It is three.

And those are AWFULLY big envelopes!
Yup. For a reason that Dragonologists and Dragoneers
Well Know.

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