The Army of Galaiyah

I have Explained to you

About the Worlding of the World,

And of the Worlding of the Moon

On July 20th, 1969.

And I have even introduced you

To the Oracle of Galaiyah Herself.

She’s a Periodic Table Skirt Flasher

With Absent Atomic Underwear

And a Hairy Chinese Bush.

But I have said Nothing about the Insertion Nexus of the Venn Diagramatic Overlapping of the Gyros of the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun.

It might seem like Incesticide to you.

A Menage a Triple Luminosity Tryst

Involving a Mother… Her Daughter… and the Daughter’s Grandpa!

Who woulda thunk?

That the Road to Staffing

The Army of Galaiyah

Would have led

To such Atrocious

Dragon Childhood Porn as this!

But it did.

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