Robby the Robot, Blinded by the Light

Yes, Virginia…
Robby the Robot
Has Run Amok
The Dragon Mind of Fire
Was Never Intended
To Override
The Power of the Imagination
But Rather
To Facilitate
And Dragon Fornicate;

And thus the Dragoneer Says,
“My Mind Got Fucked Sloppy Gloppy Style”
“And My Imagination GROOVED and GASMED and Got the Fuck Pregnant!”
So, Now, Nasty Slut Bitch that I am, I masturbate, and I Imagine My Self
Strapped to the Back of Dragon Earth
Crucifixion Style
Watching the Sun
Cum and Go;

With Orgasmic Pleasure
As Dionysos Cums to a Head
At the Realization
That During the Day
I am Going Away From the Sun
At a Thousand Miles an Hour
Whereas at Night
I am Going Toward the Sun
At a Thousand Miles an Hour…

And that it was ONLY at NIGHT…
With Ejaculation Screaming…
That I was Blinded…

By the Light.

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