The Gang of Six

The Dragoneers Organized Themselves
Into Six Group Thaumaturgickal Operations.

Furthermore, the Dragoneers Coordinated
The Calling Into Eksistence,
Of the Six Great Socializations of Wisdom
For the Sake of the Ultimate Destiny of the Earth…

The Hindus Took Care of the Wisdom of Plasticity.
The Taoists Handled the Wisdom of Fluidity.
The Buddhists Nurtured the Wisdom of Surrender.
The Muslims Managed the Wisdom of Devotion.
The Christians Nurtured the Wisdom of Charite.
And the Jews Preserved the Wisdom of Righteousness.

Together, they United the Circle of The World,
Under the Five Mansions
Of the Pyramidion,
With the Mysterious Remainder, Remaining,
Even unto the Very Ending of the Earth.

Hence, the Total Number
Of Wisdom Conferences
For the General Assembly
Was Provisionally Set at 55.

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