I have streamlined my “PDM” (“Personal Dragon Mantra”)


Enquiry Into the Cost of a Front Porch Sign
Is Now Underway.

It will be a “Hot Pinky Red” Color in Perfect Mimicry of Vegas Neon Signage that is sure to annoy any “Curmudgeon” or “Prude” in “The Neighborhood” and here is what it will say…

“Make Love & Beauty”
“Your Only Duty”

I might even make it blink off & on all night.
Like a Whorehouse Sign.
Taunting Neighbors to Schedule
Civil Court Appointments For Me.

You Know I Will Eat that up
Like Chocolate Ice Cream
With Sprinkles & Caramel
As I Ride My Rockstar Limo
To My Bank
With My Bad
Publicity Money.

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