The Five Kinds of Dragons

There Really Are Five Dragon Kinds Now.

You might remember that where it all Mathematically Began, From Brother Prime Number 13, We Received Cosmic Dragons Three in Number That Constituted the Awareness Pattern of the One Universal Dragon that We Have Fondly Named… The Kryptozoetikon.

So, there, you have two Kinds of Dragons Already My Dear Virginia! And Mysterious They Are Indeed. So shockingly “Revealed” a Tooth & Claw of a Dragon Singing With Forked Tooth, and In Its Claw Keeping All of the Gyronoetikons Invisible the Dragons Weave & Make Like Sewing Costumes of Many Colors Out of Earth and Bardo. Juxtaposing Human Stones Into Dragon Friendly Extra-Terrestrial Dragon Boned Dancers! Dancing. To What the Dragon Is Singing. Neither Less than Zero nor More than None… The Music. Of Oblivion.

And Just When You Thought You Were Done, Virginia, Surprise! But not really. Out of the Many Gyronoetikons There Popped Forth Dragon Kinds Number 3 and Number 4. Star Dragons. Like our Old Frenemy… our Sun. And of course theoretically dead but not quite dead White Dwarven Dragons and even mind-bending-imagination-warping Black Wholen Dragons. Yes. I misspelled that “hole” on purpose. Even Pluto is a Dragon Called “Hadekthos” and our Moon, too, Who is “Khorenox.” And Her Mother, Our Mother Dragon is “Dakhmekhtrion.”

And so, there you thought you had it…

2+2=4! Right? Well… Wrong. Actually.

There is One More Possibly Final [but we really can’t be sure yet] Dragon Kind to Be Learned About Just Yet. It is… The Galactic & Quantumly Entangled Dragon Kind. Our Mother Milky Way is a Galactic Sentient Being. A Vast Gyronoetikon Woven In & Through the Quantum Internet & Encyclopedia Galactica We Are On the Verge of Accessing.

We Are Bound to get It. Whether We Want It Or Not.

The UFOs are real and of course they would be a “national security” concern. Now, wouldn’t they?

Oh… and the Crop Circles and Monoliths are Dragon Alphabet Soup.
Eat Your Soup Now, Virginia, and Learn to Read Dragon.

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