What I Became When I Stopped

An Ascendor from the Gyro of the Earth
To the Gyro of the Sun!

Who Sees the Gyro in the Room
With Psychedelic Dragon Diamond Eyes.

Riding the Jupiter Dragon
Like the Witch Rides Her Broom!

Breaking all Trans-Saturnian
Warp Speed Limits…

You Better Watch Out!
I Got a Kuiper Belt
Holding Up These Dragon Pants.

Oh, and By the Way,
Don’t You Want to Know?
What I Stopped?


I Stopped Believing.

I Stopped!
I Stopped Believing in the Journalism of It All.

I Stopped Believing
That My Only Duty
Wasn’t, to Make Love & Beauty.

I Stopped!
I Stopped Believing in the Philosophy of Things.

And I Stopped Believing that Infinite Progress
Wasn’t, a Bad Idea.

I Even Stopped Believing in Big Science!

I Stopped Believing
That Truth!
Wasn’t, a Two-Faced LIAR!

America Needs a Jeremiah Now.
So, the Dragon Sent
A Dragon Singer,

To Sing Your Nightmare to Sleep!

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