Dragon Religion What-If

Death is the Inevitable End
Of All “This Life on Earths,”
As the Stoics Said.

And There Is a Reason Why
“Academic” is So-Named;
Because It IS… “Merely Academic Now,”
As the Skeptics Said.

And the Moral Compass
Now Lies Broken,
As Nietzsche Said.

So, Put Down Your Moral Compass
And Pick Up Your Gyroscope Instead,
As The Epicureans Said.

Did I Ever Tell You?
If There Ever Was
A Dragon Religion?
Invented, “Do-It-Yourself” Style?
That It Would Be
A “Merely Academic”
But Extremely Necessary
Shameless Reboot
Of “All Things Greek” ?
With An Overman?
For a Prophet?

A New Kind of Human Being
Is Now “Making the Scene”

And I Just Unloaded
Your Magazine!

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