Dragon Anatomy 101

It Helps if you approach the Parts of The Dragon Anatomically.

You Begin, of course, with The Dragon Tooth & Claw,
Because that was My earliest Dragon Discovery,
Back in Nineteen Hundred and Eight-Zero.

But I didn’t “Make the Connection” with The Dragon,
Until Late Two Thousand and Nought-Nought Three.

And at about that Same Time, in Two Thousand and Nought-Nought Three,
I “Figured Out” what Invisible “Thingie” The Dragon was Keeping with Its Claw;
The Gyronoetikon, which is, Essentially, The Dragon’s World-Mind.

Then It “Dawned” on Me, in Two Thousand and Nought-Nought Three,
That this was also “The Mind of Fire” I “Conjured” in The Courtyard of Rock,
While “Mending” Broken Keys of Glass Into Keys of Broken Glass,
Further Back, In Nineteen Hundred and Niner Zero.

But further back than The Courtyard of Rock,
In Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Two,
Just two years after the Tooth & Claw Discovery,
I was Practicing at Being a Dancing Machine,
When I watched the corny Excalibur movie,
And I Fell in Love with Merlin, not with Arthur,
And I Heard Merlin refer to Excalibur as… The Spine of The Dragon,
Hence, Arose, The Original Story of the Rise of The Thytanikan Sword,
In the earliest Stages of the Two Thousand and Nought-Nought Three Year Thing.

And When I Looked into the Eye of The Dragon,
That’s when I Realized that It was no ordinary eye
But an Eye, Compound, Multi-Faceted, much like The Eye of The Dragonfly,
And I Gave It this Moniker… “The Dragon’s Diamond Eye,
And It came to Mean All the Many Lives Reincarnating Forever,
Every Facet of The Diamond Eye Being One Person’s Single Lifetime,
Repeated, Recapitulated, Until The Individuality Finally Gets It Right,
So, They Never Have to Leave Again; Because, After All…

Heaven on Earth IS The Earth Mission Goal.

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