The Dragonology Project.

The front page that you land on whenever you come to visit says it all…

The Dragonology Project is a Mythic Reimagination of The Dragon.

My fourth book, “Fuzzy Logic, Moaning” has been published & you can buy a paperback copy for just $7.00. I was able to select monochrome, i.e., black & white printing, which lowers the retail price significantly. I take a very small amount for myself. I want to keep the cost low and just get the exposure. I have author copies coming in just a day or so. I always keep 20 or so copies on hand. Reach out to me on Facebook if you are a friend & want a signed copy. I will add it to the left sidebar menu on the front page soon.

I am now working on “Dragon Groaning” which will be an introduction to the Dragon Cosmology (the “Mythic Reimagination”) as it now stands.

“Dragon Groaning” will be kind of prosey, but also poetic. I am limiting my sentence lengths to no more than one line. There will be some diagrams. Not colored though. In order to keep the end cost to my readers as low as possible, any supporting imagery will be in black & white only.

“Dragon Groaning” will have the following major sections…

I. Dragon Anatomy

II. Dragon Physiology

III. Dragon Genealogy

IV. Dragon Phenomenology

V. Dragon Hermeneutics

Each major section will be a collection of prosey poems, usually limited to just a page or two, revealing an Intricate & Kaleidoscopic Dragon Cosmology that takes our Mythic Comprehension of “The Dragon” DOWN Into the Depths of the Mystery of the Macro-Micro-Meso-Cosmic to an entirely New Level of “Deep Clarity” Founded Upon Ancient Wisdom, but also, Updated, from the Perspective of what we NOW THINK We Know about The Universe & How It Works… Thanks, to our Modern & Blissfully Confused…


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