Dragon as Natura Naturata

The One Dragon is inconceivable & unimaginable. Therefore, The Dragon, as Natura Naturans, is beyond our Human Comprehension at all levels and in all manners.

For further insight, go to Plato’s Parmenides dialogue, Plotinus’ Enneads, Spinoza’s Ethics, and, Hegel’s Phenomenology of Geist.

But, as Natura Naturata, The Dragon WANTS to Be Known, and, When Known, a Deep Clarity of Transcendental Insight Into The Meso-Cosmic Domain is Thaumaturgickally Attainable Via Resolute Devotion to The Dragon Path. That Path is a Treasure Hunt. Yes. The Dragon Wants to Be Known. And It Is Our Mission On Earth, as Dragonologists, as Dragoneers, and, as Dragon Dancers & Dragon Singers, to Know The Dragon, and, to Give Expression to that Knowing Via Our Creative Expressions and Reimaginations, for the Cause of Love, and, for the Cause of Beauty…




The World of the The MITS, The WITS,


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