Goodbye Until Next Year

I know I have not been posting very much on the blog lately. I am sorry about that. I want to share. I need to share. But I have been working hard on the final steps settling into my new Residence here at the Dragon House & preparing for a continuous writing effort in 2023 which will result in the publication of an important manuscript that I have been Imagineering since 2018.

The time has come to begin in earnest on “Jupiter Dragon.” That is a shortening of the title for convenience. The full title of the book will be “The Jupiter Dragon Went to the Sun” and that’s all I am going to tell you about it. It will be done secretly. Nothing about it will be revealed either on this blog or on Facebook. The entire writing process will take place “In the Athanor” (“The Alchemical Crucible”). I anticipate probably completing it toward the end of the 2023. But it could possibly take longer than that. I think it will end up being at least 200 pages in length judging by the materials I have pulled together for it so far. It will be emotionally exhausting Work for reasons I will not go into here. But I am Strong. I am Ready. Bring it on Dragon! Bring it on!

Anticipating the high emotional intensity of the Jupiter Dragon project, I will be doing less intense writing of smaller manuscripts in parallel, to get relief from the intensity when needed, also destined for Publication through KDP. If you are following my Author’s Page at Amazon, look for a book titled “Groaning in the Park” to come out probably around March or April. It is pure Lyric Poetry without so much as one mention of the Dragon anywhere in it. But it is Dragon Driven for sure. Then you will see, along with Jupiter Dragon, a book just called “Dragon” which will be my first effort at pulling together a comprehensive explanation of the Dragon Cosmology.

Also look for a “Many Juxtapositions” book at KDP for this year 2022, which is ending in three days. I am continuing my commitment to publish the entire contents of the Dragon Blog for each & every year that it exists. Which will be until my End of Mission time when I shed this Body Vehicle & return to the Gyro for further guidance on how to proceed with the Earth Project.

On here, I will be practicing my writing of lyric poetry as close to a daily basis as I can get in order to get better and better at my writing throughout the year 2023. I want to post at least one poem per day on here as I progress with my other “cloistered” writing projects.

Have a Safe & Happy New Year

And Always Remember The Dragon Prime Directive:

Make Love & Beauty,

Your Only Duty!

With Perfect Love & Perfect Dragon Intention…


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