Going Forward

I didn’t do what I said I was going to do yesterday. Instead of a poem, I gave you what approximated a blog entry.
Not quite a blog entry, because a blog entry would be more about what is going on with me right now, today.
Yesterday’s post was clearly all about yester-years. And that’s okay. I can’t force the poetry to come. Nor should I try.
It must flow out of me easily, spontaneously, and that doesn’t always happen everyday.

The overall “Intention” I have set for myself for 2023 is deeper engagement with people in the domain of Community.
And this “Blog” is included in that Intention. You people who are following me sustain me. You are important to me.
It means being more personal. Reachable. Rightly so, because you will never understand my idiosyncratic Dragon Cosmology…
If you don’t also understand…. me.

So, going forward, this blog will actually BE a “Blog” in a big way, with the poetry sprinkled in like a seasoning…
And that poetry will not be forced & agenda driven. Rather, that poetry will always be written under the following 4 conditions…

It will be poetry written with Unhinged Spontaneity.
It will be poetry written with Pornographic Temerity.
It will be poetry written with Reckless Honesty.
And it will be poetry written, in Total Surrender, to the Muse.

And along the way, if you choose to walk further with me on this Treasure Hunt I am engaged in…
You will learn everything you ever needed to know…

About Me.
And, about Dragon.

Stay Tuned to Open Channel 23.
I have “Diamonds” for You!
You People of Gold!

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