Another Dragon Directive

The Needs of the Suffering,
Outweigh the Needs of the Many.

This is the Dragon lesson that was driven home for me just this morning by a serendipitous post I responded to on Facebook.
A woman by the name of Chantal Granger Burke has reached out in the CAW Group on Facebook this morning.
CAW stands for “Church of All Worlds” a pagan religious foundation founded by Oberon Zell Ravenheart, a friend of mine.
I have been a quiet member of CAW for a few years now & I seldom say very much on their Facebook page at all.
CAW, unfortunately, has suffered some major upheavals over the years & it used to be much more robust than it is now.

Nevertheless, her post was a clear reaching out for emotional support & guidance, and I felt compelled to respond to her.
I pointed her toward the writings of Don Miguel Ruiz, the Toltec mystic who has written The Four Agreements,
Beyond Fear & The Mastery of Love. It turns out that Chantal owns The Four Agreements, so she will be looking for it.

Chantal has received terrible news about her father who has been discovered to already be in the late stages of prostate cancer.
It is likely her father will be dead within just a few weeks. Chantal is suffering from loss of her ability to vocalize.
As soon as she tries to speak, to vocalize anything, she can’t, and this causes her to start crying. There is a history of horrific
Abuse in her family so she has all of that weighing down heavily on her along with the bad news about her father. This has
Affected her ability to speak.

I recommended those three specific books as a way to help herself while she pursues therapy to help her cope with her burdens.
Things are going to get worse for her before they get better, and she is only beginning a long process of integration that will
Take years to bring her back to a place of harmony & balance in her life. I encouraged her not to give up hope & to be patient
Because integration is a process not an event. To be gentle to herself. To follow through with getting into therapy.
But, most importantly, to get into group therapy as soon as possible, because that conversational interaction with other people
Who have or still are suffering just like you are is Medicine for your Soul that really works.

It hit me emotionally this morning & moved me to tears that my words moved her to tears & she was thankful for my compassion
And understanding. I too have suffered much in Life & I am a Natural Empathic because of my history, and I have an innate
Ability to be a Soul Healer just by being a good listener & knowing what to say & how to say it. A Gift I have used several times
In 2022 to help my dear friend in Las Vegas, Rachel, when her despair becomes too great to bear, so, she calls me on the phone.

The upshot for me was to remind me of my natural gifts & not be afraid to use them to help other people when I can.
It resulted in my formulating the important Dragon Directive I have put into words this morning & shared with you folks
Who follow me on this Dragon Blog. It comes right out of the two Star Trek movies, The Wrath of Khan, and, In Search of Spock.

If you have watched those two movies, you may remember that one of the profoundest nuggets of Wisdom that was brought out
Into the Light by those two movies was this: that even though the Needs of the Many outweigh the Needs of the Few,
There came a time in the story that these two movies told when that seemingly Wise directive was reversed. When Spock had been
Reintegrated with his own body which had been brought back to Life by the miracle technology of the Genesis Device
He did not remember who Jim Kirk was yet. Spock paused as he was being escorted away to begin his long Integration process,
And he asked Jim Kirk, having been informed just then by his Father that people died saving him & that Kirk lost his beloved
Enterprise star cruiser. Spock asked Kirk, whom he still did not recognize, “Why would you do this for me?” And Jim Kirk
Responded with this answer: “The Needs of the One (you, Spock), outweighed the Needs of the Many.” And then, Spock squinted
At Jim Kirk, and he said: “Your name… is Jim! Isn’t it?” And Jim Kirk, obviously moved to the brink of tears, said: “Yes!”

So, today’s New Dragon Directive came directly from the wonderful Alchemy that unfolded with my serendipitous opportunity
To help Chantal this morning. What a wonderful & emotionally moving Alchemy it is! It so clearly shows where our real
Strengths in Life actually are. Not just inside of us. But also in our relationships to each other. And, contrary to popular
Opinion, the strength of Humanity does not just dwell in Humanity’s Will to Survive, but in our Will to Help Each Other.

So, on that note, I would ask of you, if you are actively devoting yourself to the Dragon as I have been doing, to light
A white candle for Chantal Granger Burke & ask the Dragon, directly, to Send Missioneers into Chantal’s Life right now
To help her as she struggles to overcome her despair, regain her ability to vocalize, and, to help her through her Father’s
imminent passing away. It is at terrible times like this when everything seems to be broken that we most need each other.

And it is okay to Pray to the Dragon as a Supplicant to ask for help, either for yourself, or for another. You should feel free
To approach the Dragon in this manner. Because The Dragon has a very simple Name in its Form of Perfect Oneness… Zoe!

Indestructible Life.

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