The DRAGON Anagram

Did you know that the word “Dragon” is an anagram? It sure is. If you shuffle the letters aright you come up with this:

“God Ran”

I shit you not. Try it yourself:


This hooks right into a perspective on the Nature of both Dragon & Divinity that the Dragonist consciously chooses,
in order to effectively implement the Mystical & Initiatic Thaumaturgies of The Dragon. I won’t go into any further detail now.
Other than to give you these few hints to point you in the right general direction as to where my thoughts are at on this.

  1. When you think God, think Spinoza’s Natura Naturans; The Divine, God, conceived of as an Absolute One.
  2. Similarly, when you think Dragon, think Spinoza’s Natura Naturata; The Divine, Dragon, conceived of as The One…
    Over The Many (“hen kai pan” in Greek).
  3. In Rosicrucianism you have The Divine & you have Cosmic Consciousness;
    The Divine being God & Cosmic Consciousness being Dragon.
  4. In Hinduism: You have God/Brahman & Dragon/Atman.

Later this year, I will begin working on the first Dragon Cosmology book in parallel with my work on Jupiter Dragon.
It will be titled: “The Dragon Cosmology” & just the barest glimpse at the Table of Contents will immediately tell you that
this book will be unlike any book about the Dragon that has been written. It will be a brand new Dragon Cosmology.
Based upon our modern scientific understanding of how the Universe works & how our World works. And it will be open-ended,
radically empirical & subject to future revision. It will be a theology that goes beyond the “Theos” there and ventures bravely &
confidently into the unexplored domain opened up by a radical mythic reimagination of the Dragon. And it will be
psychologically, socially & philosophically grounded upon the profound Insights of Carl Gustav Jung & Joseph Campbell.
With a little help from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Spinoza, Hegel, Nietzsche & Martin Heidegger, a Nazi.

Yup. That might seem pretentious. I assure you, I am NOT being pretentious. I didn’t just make this all up. It made me!

Now here is an interesting thing about the Anagram, which obviously is a clue to the Dualistic Nature of Divinity:
“God Ran Away.”
“And all of THIS is actually the Dragon’s Doing. Not God’s.”

That is the anagram’s important Message to us.

But here is the interesting personal biographical twist in the Dragon Plot…
As long as the Dragon has been in my life, I never even saw this anagram.
I just noticed it a couple of weeks ago!

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