“The Friends of Wisdom”

I love this way of expressing the deep meaning of the original Greek concept of… Philosophy.
We are often told, and we can look this up even in a good Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary,
which always includes a few nice etymological clues, that the original Greek word for
“Philosophy” meant… “The Love of Wisdom.” Sounds reasonable enough But it is, in my opinion,
a corruption of the original intended Greek meaning which was something more like…

“Friend of Wisdom.”

I find this to be a profound deepening of the meaning of the word; that “Philosophy” gets lost
when we translate it the other way “Lover of Wisdom” & you will always find me dropping my
subtle hints by reworking what just hit my ears & echoing it back out in that other deeper version
with my mouth.

I think it matters how we talk about these things. And it matters how we talk about ourselves too.
“Friend of Wisdom” has such a nice ring to it. There is so much meaning in what is said there.
You really get the sense that “Friend of Wisdom” is a mode of self-identifying. It says
something about you. Who you actively Intend to Be… that Friend… of Wisdom. You LOVE to
be able to say, “A World like this one needs all the Friends of Wisdom it can get!”
And you understand that “Friend of Wisdom” means you belong to a Fellowship, a Collegium,
And you often refer to yourself informally as, “A Librarian” because you understand
the profound connection between Wisdom & good old-fashioned… Books!

I have almost 2,000 books in my personal library. Most of them are not for entertainment.
Even the science fiction books are not entertainment. They are all research material. All of them.
They are dedicated to this one Project that I announced here on the Dragon Blog when I first spun it up.
The page you hit every time you visit this site…

“The Dragonology Project: A Mythic Reimagination of the Dragon.”

The whole “Friend of Wisdom” thing ties right in. You can’t BE a Dragonologist
and NOT also be a “Friend of Wisdom” & a “Librarian” & a “Lover of Books.”

It just CAN’T Happen!

Tomorrow I want to go a little deeper into this “Friend of Wisdom” way of talking
about the Treasure Hunt that is your Life & just how fun & enriching the mode IS!

At least, for me, anyway…

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