The Dragonology Project

I just texted the mobile home park handyman to ask for his advice about who to call. I saw a solitary
wild turkey. It appeared to be limping. No flock. It could possibly have been socially ejected from the flock.
That kind of thing does happen in a number of highly socialized species. The ostracization of those who are
considered disabled in some way, perceived to be weak, objectified, made… other.

We see our own social imperfections & fragilities mirrored back to us in the social behavior of these other species,
mostly creatures, but often trees & sacred mushrooms too. Even creatures of our Imagination. Like, Faeries, Elves,
Dwarves, Hobbits, Orcs & Trolls, Angels & Demons, Gods & Monsters, Unicorns & Centaurs, and… Dragons.

Dragons are my specialty. I am a Dragonologist because I make a serious & Scientific but Hermeneutic effort
to construct a Dragon Cosmology that Works. You see, I take a point of view about the power & nature
of Imagination informed by the thinking of Carl Jung & Joseph Campbell. Beings that are the products of
our Imaginations are accorded a “REAL” existential status in our Minds according to & harmonizing with
the “Current Necessities” of the Global Zeitgeist. I am comfortable living in a Zeitgeist where the Material
and the Imaginary are woven together in an Artistic fashion, either via a Bardic Mode of “Telling Stories”
of “Presenting New Narratives,” or in a Lyric-Ekstatic-Poetic Mode that is more like “Creating a Tableau”
or “Painting a Picture” that is Fired-Up by Imagination & Curiosity, and, Driven by Deep Emotion.

It is okay to do a little Myth-Making if that is what you Feel Called to do. It is okay to “Reimagine”
Old Myths & Established Dogmas. It is okay to Live your Life & Pursue your Magical Career as if
The Dragon is a Real Being that actually exists in the Multiverse. That it isn’t “Fake” just because…

It is Imaginary.

The Dragonologist asserts that at a very deep & “Transpersonal” Level of our Unconscious Mind,
it isn’t just “Our” Imagination anymore. It is the Imagination of the Spinning Mind of the World.
A World-Mind. And it is a Mind of Fire. And it is a Dragon. And Her Name is… Dakhmekhtrion.

Today, I have slightly modified the homepage for this Dragon Blog. Instead of it saying:

“The Dragonology Project”
“The Mythic Reimagination of the Dragon”

It now says:

“The Dragonology Project”
“A Mythic Reimagination of the Dragon”

This is to reassure you that you are absolutely free to utterly transcend this Dragon Cosmology I Give you.
To invalidate it. To refute it. To contradict it. And to bury it. We are all living in the Age of DIY.
The last thing in the World that we need is just another Conspiracy Theory. Or just another
Fake Religion, or Hoax, or, Ponzi Scheme. There is no “last word” on either Scientific Cosmology
or the more consciously “Hermeneutic” & Trans-Imaginational” Dragon-based, Syncretistic, but,
Integrative Cosmology like I am doing. You are also free to invent your own brand new Dragon Cosmology
if you wish. All of this “Dragon Work” that I am doing is presented to you as “Literature” & as such
it may or may not be fictional & I won’t always be very clear about whether I am telling you the honest
two-faced Truth, or, I am in “Allegory-Mode” or “Coded-Messaging-Mode” or “Interpretation-Mode” or…
only Dragon Knows what else! Sorry! It is my Poetic License to Drive My Imagination so Recklessly.

So, you can only Imagine what I might do with a… RE… Imagination.

Let Your Imagination Do The Thinking…

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