Personal Identity

We must understand that our sense of personal identity, whether we attempt to conceive of it as Ego,
or we take a more sophisticated and nuanced approach, is purely a spatio-temporal construct. The true nature
of our identity is a plastic & fluid conscious reality that cannot be neatly defined & locked in a box by linear
analytical thinking. The notion of “psychological analysis” in order to “get to the bottom of things”
is for the most part misguided because it is based upon overly simplistic assumptions about the nature
of human identity. The more integrative & synthetic approaches to “psychological analysis” prove to be
far more effective methods of dealing with the minor & the major pathologies that naturally arise during
a normative life trajectory. But the fact of the matter is that life trajectories, by their very nature, are just like
human identity. They do not yield to linear analytical thinking either. A more “Holistic” approach has to be taken.

From Jung’s perspective, a life cycle is an “Individuation Process” meaning it is the natural process of psychological growth, development, maturation, that all human beings go through & it is, fundamentally, the “Mandala” in the “Making” that we experience as… Our Life. And it is an “Integrative” process better defined as steady progress not series of setbacks,
better understood & approached as the natural healing & rebalancing that our Mind/Body always does quite autonomously
& automatically, for the most part. Except when bad things have happened, really bad things, that afflict the person. It is
the Person, the “Personality” Who undergoes this Individuation Process. But not always with a high degree of awareness.
Sometimes it is in our bests interests that this entire Process of Individuation goes on pretty on autopilot. When we suffer
a conscious trauma, our unconscious autonomously steps in & compensates to reduce our suffering. Or to enhance our Joy.

The compensatory way in which the unconscious half of our Psyche operates is fundamentally important to our complete
understandings of ourselves. And you will see this over & over again in powerful Symbols. They have a way of just
healing you & of fixing, repairing, what is broken inside of us so much more effectively than mere Pharmaceuticals.

I am in agreement with Marianne Williams’ criticisms of the Pharmacological Paradigm of Mental Health Care in our
Zeitgeist today. It is counterproductive & even toxic. After years of hearing the Pharmaceutical Companies touting
the excellence of SSRIs, we now know the real truth about SSRIs. They are nothing more than “Narcotics” or “Street Drugs”
shoved down our throats by Drug Dealers posing as Doctors. They were never meant to be used continuously for years or even
decades at a time. What were we thinking?

That we could get a single magic fix with just a pill a day.
Well, it didn’t happen. And it isn’t going to happen.
That’s not how things actually work.

The “True Royal Road” to better mental health for everybody…
Is the “Integrative” Road like the one that Carl Jung so clearly explained in his life’s writings.

I urge you to pick him up & read him.
Start with “Memories, Dreams, Reflections,” and I Trust that you will not be disappointed.

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