The Sidebar Menu on the Left Side of the Homepage

I am thinking, now that I have visited my author’s page at Author Central on Amazon, and I have updated
my BIO there as well as ensured that all of my published paperback books appear there, that I can modify
the sidebar menu so that it gives you a brief one paragraph synopsis of each of my self-published titles in
reverse chronological order, with most recently published works at the top & works published further
back in time lower, that I can provide the URL that goes directly to my author’s page & from there
you can “one stop shop” for any of my published titles because they all appear there. This ensures an
easier sidebar menu to navigate & I don’t have to reinvent the wheel figuring out all of the gobbledygook
URL stuff I have to put in there to point correctly to the specific page at Amazon where you can purchase
it if you wish to. It makes it easier for me & easier for you.

Here is the generic link that always takes you to my author’s page…

From there you can read about any of my books & buy one of you want to. It is just that simple!

And by the way, if you are interested in reading one of my books but cannot afford to buy it, contact me at my
universal e-mail address & I can send you a free complementary author’s copy of any book you want.
this isn’t about earning the very small royalty I get for each sold copy. It is about expanding my audience.
And also, by the way, I am grateful for the two new followers who have come on board very recently. That tells me
that I am beginning to get noticed & that is plenty of progress for me right now…

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