My Dragon Diatribes

I spontaneously posted this on Facebook an hour or so ago. It is appropriate to share it here too because it touches upon an important topic. Your Dragon Diatribe. So, here it is…


“My Dragon Diatribes”

I layer-caked it. There is a layer of wax, about 75% pure THC. So, as you might imagine, I am quite relaxed. Listening to All Things Considered on National Public Radio. It is NPR’s flagship world & national news radio program. And they do really interesting deep dives based upon superb investigative journalism. And they are politically balanced. The local NPR station does local & regional news synopses framing the beginning & end of ATC.

Sometimes, a deep dive will fire me up & if you were a fly on my wall you would be hearing me actively & eloquently vocalizing an extended 30 minute rant, replete with raving & slamming of fist or palm of hand loudly down onto the surface of my sturdy coffee table. Startling the cats, of course.

What is it?

That I am… acting out?

In these moments of ranting, raving & raging?

Of slamming down of fist & hand?

These… are my Dragon Diatribes.


Tomorrow, I will talk about “The Four Scopes” you need to Practice Dragon.

Also, I am aware of the formatting inconsistencies that have crept into the blog post presentations & I have modified one of my writing tics. I no longer manually force a line break. I let the automatic word wrapping & automatic hyphenation at end of line algorithms do their jobs now. Hopefully, that will improve the readability of my posts. I can go look at it just like you see it & verify that. But do keep in mind that the Homepage always displays that inevitably scrunched most recent 2 blog posts no matter what & that scrunching is an artifact that will always be there. To get an easier read, you want to either click on the blog post title to see the entire post formatted correctly, or, you can scroll down to the bottom of the Homepage & pick the “View All Blog Posts” & that gives you an “endless river” of blog posts in native format. You can scroll down & down & down until you eventually get to the very beginning some 3 years ago or so.

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