The Four “Scopes”

You know how it is with Spell Casting & Magick in general. You can get by with just your finger & an ashtray for an incense censer. No problem. But, the more beautiful your equipment is, the more tangible the Imagination-Construction can be. That is one of the Fundamental Secrets to the “Great Performance” of Effective Performance Art & High Thaumaturgy [The Dragonist’s Magickal Specialty]. And I use the Special-k in the spelling of the word “Magick” to signal the close association that exists between Thaumaturgy & Ceremonial Magick. It is all about the Ritual. And, the more equipment you have at your disposal, the more Power you can bring to bear on the Thaumaturgy itself.

Like other systems of Ceremonial Magick, from good old-fashioned simple Wiccan/Neo-Pagan Circle Casting, all the way up to the most sophisticated & idiosyncratic of Rosicrucian, Masonic & other New Age Occult Practices, pretty much all agree that you need special clothes, preferably, a nice Robe that is dedicated solely to the Thaumaturgy. You need a Sword [Dragon Spine, Erect, Raised, Perpendicular to the Earth’s Surface & in Alignment with the Gyronoetik Lines of Gravitational Effect]. You need a Dagger [Athame] dedicated to Thaumaturgy & nothing else. It helps if you Name your Sword & Name your Dagger. And it is up to you, but, you should keep these Names very private, even secret. You need the basic Altar appointments, but, you need your Altar to be a small rectangular table facing North, not East, between the Central Fire of your Dragon Ring [Dragonist’s Call their “Circle” a “Ring”] & you need at least 5 fires. A fire for each Cardinal Direction [simple torches or even large candles are fine] with the Central Fire being a fire in a fire pit or steel fire pit raised a few inches above ground, that is burning pure chemical free wood & nothing else. This Central Fire is your “Kryptic Fire” & its time of “Greatest Power” & maximum Thaumaturgickal Effect is the “Bed of Hot Coals” phase near the end of the burn session. Therefore, start your Central Fire early & tend to it closely to encourage the formation of the “Bed of Hot Coals” which you will often use for Dragon Skrying. [Special-k], and, for Gyro [Astral] Projection.

There are special Magickal Tools associated with Dragon Thaumaturgy because of the special Nature of the Dragon.

Here are the 4 most basic tools that you will need:

A Telescope.
A Microscope.
A Gyroscope.
And a Kaleidoscope.

We Call it… “The TMGK Package Deal.”

The Telescope:
The Telescope is for the Discernment of Things Far Away & Remote in the Temporal Past; that’s because, as you look out into the Cosmos, you are inevitably looking farther & farther into the Past, until, at about 13.7 billion light years distance, you reach the Ultimate Past Temporal Horizon [UPTH]… The Beginning of Time [BoT, for this Universe]. The Big Bang. So, the Telescope is a Macrocosmic, Telesmatic, Historical Remote Viewing Instrument, and, what is more, its Ultimate Potential is Theoretically Infinite. Just, not quite in the ways that your Common Sense would think it has to be infinite, due to the Absolute Relativity of Time, and Space, as proven beyond any doubt by Dragonist Albert Einstein with the publication of his General Theory of Relativity, circa about 1915 CE.

The Microscope:
To look in the opposite direction, to look within, you need to drill down into the Microcosm, right? Right. Obviously, what you need is a Microscope. But, make no mistake about this. Just because you are looking in the opposite Spatial Direction does not mean you are looking in the Opposite Temporal Direction. Your Common Sense might tell you, “I must be looking into the Future when I use the Microscope because the opposite direction I was looking in was the Past & the Future is the opposite of the Past. Is it not?” No. The True Opposite of the Past is the Opposite of “The There & Then” which is… “The Here & Now.” You are not Looking into the Future when you use the Microscope. You are Looking into the Present. Both Spatially & Temporally. Therefore, you are Looking Into both The Present… and The Presence. And the “Center of Gravity” of it all is the Center of the Earth itself as it Spins on its own Axis & travels around the Sun with all of the other Planets, Moons, Asteroids & Comets, all together, with the Sun at the True Center, orbiting as a Solar Collective around the Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of our Milky Way Galaxy, a Cosmic Dragon’s Nest of Stars & Worlds. It is plain to see that the Here & Now is “Rife” with Deep Structure that is not immediately apparent, but that consents gradually over time to persistent & dedicated exploration. The more you Look… the Deeper You See. The more Your Deep Clarity Comes to Be. So, this is a very special Microscope you probably cannot buy or build. For the purposes of Dragon Thaumaturgy, it is enough that you own a simple $40 optical Microscope you can buy through Scientifics Online or Home Science Tools. Close, is good enough. there are no Tightropes in Dragon Thaumaturgy. But there are Ordeals. And You Will Learn to Love Them!

The Gyroscope:
Anything that spins is fundamentally a Gyroscope. A spinning electron is a Gyroscope. The spinning Earth is a Gyroscope. And when you include a second body, you have a two-body gravitationally united mutually spinning system, you have the full & complete implementation of the Gyroscope. So, the Earth-Moon two-body system is a Gyroscope. The Earth-Moon-Sun three-body-system is also a Gyroscope. You see Gyroscopes nested within Gyroscopes too. The Earth as a whole is spinning on its axis, right? But it also has two hot cores nested within each other at the very center, underneath the mantle. It has a solid outer core spinning in one direction at a certain rate & it has an inner liquid core spinning the other direction at a different rate. This means that the Earth as a whole is three Gyroscopes nested, intertwined & interacting in exceedingly complicated & nuanced ways. And Time is nested in a similar fashion to the nesting of these Gyroscopes. And, in Dragonology, specifically, we call these individual, discrete, nested Gyros… Gyronoetikons. That’s because they orchestrate together to unfold the World-Mind of the Planet Earth in the Here & Now. Indeed, the very emergence of Time, Temporality, is directly attributable to… The Spinning. And this Spinning, these many Gyroscopes, are important because of their moral function which is ultimately tied to the Harmonious & Naturopathic Integration of Personal Actions with the Cycles & Patterns of Nature, as originally Taught by the Ancient Greek Stoics, Epicureans & Skeptics. But also, the Taoists & the Confucianists in China & the Mystics of India & the Hopi & Toltec Indians of America. You should compare & contrast the “Moral Compass” with which you are probably quite familiar since it seems to always come up in political discussions. Like, when we say, “He has no Moral Compass.” Indeed. He or She has probably lost their Moral Compass because the Moral Compass is an Externalized & Objectified Moral Paradigm that is… Autocracy Friendly &b easy to lose. It is the Old “Slave” Morality that engenders some of Nietzsche’s most memorable caustic rantings & ravings. But it is wrong to think that the switch from the “Moral Compass” Paradigm to the “Moral Gyroscope” Paradigm is a switch from “Slave Morality” to “Master Morality” because these two notions, the notion of the Slave, and, the notion of the Master, are archaic, primitive, cave-man ideations that bear little or no resemblance to the authentic Deep Structure of Moral Reality. The Moral Gyroscope is what you want. And, when you have it, you will never be vulnerable to “The Dear Leader Syndrome” again. It will be impossible for you to fall victim to the Trump Zombie Apocalypse & other such nasty Eschatons that happen to come our way. And you will be able to make Wise Moral decisions easily & with great confidence & Deep Clarity. Plus, you get the added bonus of getting yourself Grounded into the Truly Authentic Nature of the Here & Now. The Moral Gyroscope is all about dealing effectively with the Moral Implications of your Personal Actions in the Here & Now. But, pay close Attention to where you are going! You are headed into the Future. You are in the Meso-Cosmic Domain of the Here & Now. But you are always headed into the Future, no matter which Direction you happen to be facing as you Contemplate & Meditate.

The Kaleidoscope:
What the Kaleidoscope does is quite amazing. It allows for the injection of Creative Manda-like Bohemian Symmetry & Color into a jumbled Chaotic Mess of colored fragments of glass or plastic & a clever arrangement of mirrors all implemented in a telescope-like tube. You hold one end up toward the light of day & you view the beautiful & hypnotic patterns at the other end & you twist the whole Kaleidoscope tube to watch the patterns spring to Life & Behave almost Organically, reminiscent of fractal patterns where you have greater & more complex Patterns the Deeper you go. The Kaleidoscope is a Navigational sort of Instrument. It helps you to Navigate the Gyro, per se. And what is the Gyro, per se? Well, the Gyro is the Portal into the Future. It exists in the Meso-Cosmic. It is synonymous with the Hindu Bardo. It is synonymous with the Theosophical & Magickal Astral Plane. It is all of those other Worlds that Carlos Castaneda learned how to access once he Mastered the Art of Dreaming. The Shifting of His Assemblage Point, back to the Frame of Reference called “The First Attention” & the Revelation of the illusory & distorted Nature of our highly Socialized “Second Attention.” The Kaleidoscope, like the Gyroscope, is Navigational. And, come to think of it, so are the Telescope & the Microscope, once you really think about it. The Gyroscope is used to make sure that whatever course of Personal Action you ultimately choose, it will be in Harmony with the Here & Now & the Natural Context & with other Wills like your own. The Gyroscope is a Moral Instrument you can use for a truly authentic & autonomous mode of Moral Comportment. It is Perfect for the Here & Now and please understand that, as Emmanuel Kant expressed, we live in two Worlds already all the time. We live in the World of Sense & Sensibility where Reason & Understanding are our most important guides. And, we live in a Moral World, a “Kingdom of Ends” not just “Objects” and that was perhaps one of Kant’s profoundest insights. That an entirely different kind of rational thinking is involved in Moral Judgment. Something about which most of us post-moderns are utterly ignorant. But… the Kaleidoscope! Ah yes! The Kaleidoscope is the FUN Instrument. Because, it is all about Your Future. Where you want to go. Well? Where do you want to go? What is your Dream? You are on a Treasure Hunt. Are you not? And isn’t the Treasure Hunt all about the tangible reality of the Treasure that lies at the End of the Hunt? About the Treasure Being Found. About You Having Achieved “Living Your Dream” & the Kaleidoscope is the Perfect Instrument for you to Fully Implement Your Future Folk Treasure Hunt Tactical Operational Plan.

Now! Get to it Soldier! Warrior! Nagual! Dragon Singer!

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