Tattoo/Magickal Seal

That is my Magickal Seal that you see at the top of the homepage, done in red on a black background. I also have the red figure tattooed on my left breast in red. It has faded a bit & I will be looking to rejuvenate it soon. It is a “Bindrune” made out of Futhark Runes. The upper left part referred to my Mundane Name at the time I created it, “Vinny” & the lower right part referred to my Magickal Name at the time I created it, “inki.”

I used this Magickal Name during my active period in the O.T.O in Las Vegas where I initiated from Minerval, 0 Degree, to 3rd Degree, between 1996 & 1998. Sometimes, certain Brothers or Sisters would mistakenly call me “Brother Enki” not understanding the back story behind my choice of inki” [no CAPS] for my Magickal Name. The Magickal Name “inki” is not a reference to the Sumerian God, Enki. It is derived from the noun “ink” & is meant to point to the Creative within me, primarily, the Lyric Poet. Hence, the indirect reference to “ink” because I often write with a pen in my composition books composing my poetry & not so much on a word processor anymore.

The Magickal Name “inki” also refers to the Nadir of my astrological birth chart where you find a retrograde Pluto at the anchor point of a long Septile Chain that extends from the Nadir all the way up the right side of the Chart, ending in my 10th House where my Sun & Moon were on the day I was born. And yes, there was an eclipse. This is my “Plough” essentially, the way I dig up unconscious content & integrate it into my conscious perspective. There is also a T-Square in my Chart, and a Grand Trine & a couple of Sextiles that tie into the overall Gestalt nicely suggesting a complex “Plough” shape that looks very similar to the Hebrew letter Aleph, which is basically a pictogram for a Plough & “Plough” is the literal meaning of the letter Aleph. And the letter Aleph is also associated with the Fool in Crowley’s Rosicrucian Thoth Tarot, and, it is assigned the Number 0 [0=+1+-1] & it assigned marked with the Alchemical Symbol for Elemental Air, the result of the Ekstasis. I always use the Fool card whenever I do my 15 card Tarot spread & I am asking HRU [the Angel that presides over the Thoth Tarot] whenever I am Seeking Guidance or Insight.

So, inki is the Poet who goes Deep. And inki is the true Magickal Individuality once known as “Vinny” who, by the way, changed his legal Mundane Name to Herman Bright Triplegood on August 17th, 2003. So, the Magickal Seal now refers to “hb3g” [my initials, again, no CAPS] & what inki has transformed into…


And who & what is Zarathustra?

Look it up on Google. You will laugh your ass off!

It means… “He Who Can Manage Camels!”

But the Name Zarathustra also means this…

Persian prophet who founded Zoroastrianism (circa 628-551 BC) synonyms: Zoroaster. example of: prophet. someone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God.

And yes, it is tied to Nietzsche’s Zarathustra too.

And this has evolved, for me, into my True Magickal Identity over just this past year, developing organically, as it were, from the inner meaning of the new Mundane Name I choose, “Herman Bright Triplegood” which is, after all, also Magickal because it is an overt reference to Thrice Greatest Hermes…

Zarathustra is… The Dragon Singer.

I Speak strictly “tongue in cheek” when I sometimes say, “I am the Second Coming of Hermes Thrice Greatest!” or when I play up the “Ubermensch” aspect of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra. It is best not to conceive of Nietzsche’s Zarathustra as just the “Overman” but rather to Seek the Center of Gravity of the very Idea… Zarathustra is just One of a Great Many Who will all one day be affectionately remembered as: “The Friends of Wisdom” or “The Librarians” or “The Overcomers.”

Because that is what we are here to do.
To… Overcome.

And we do it through the Power of our Pens & our Voices.

Hence, we are all, fundamentally… Bards.

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