Alchemy, Astrology, Qabalah & Rosicrucian Mysticism

You will find components of all four of these Traditions incorporated into the Teachings of Dragonism. Also, Sacred Geometry & Numerology. And, Theosophy & New Age Metaphysics. You will find Dragonists using Tarot Cards, Futhark Runes & I-Ching Sticks for Divination Tools as well. Dragonism might appear, at first, to be a shamelessly “Syncretistic” & “Idiosyncratic” juxtaposition of a mixed bag of such Occult Techniques. But do not let this deceive you. In Dragonism you are working with your Imagination, your Emotions & your Intuition and you are working in the “Gray-Zone” between the First & Second Attentions. Specifically, you are working on loosening up the “Grip” that the Second Attention has on your conscious perspective and you are opening yourself up for a conscious process of “Integration” & “Individuation” & “Differentiation” that may takes years or even decades to reach “Fulfillment” & to be honest with you the potential range of Wisdom is infinite, so, the Initiatory Path is also infinite.

You go as far as you can in the time allotted to you in this “Lifetime” & you pick up pretty much where you left off in the next “Lifetime” unless you make mistakes & incur a “Karmic Debt” which typically has to be worked out across a span of several Lifetimes. The Dragonists subscribe to their belief in the “Transmigration of Souls” going all the way back, in the Eurocentric Traditions, to Pythagoras of Elea. In Southern Asia, it was primarily the Hindu Philosophy/Religion that taught the Reincarnation of Souls. The Dragonist believes that it is Death, not Life, that is the “Big Illusion” the “Samsara Trip” that we are caught up in when we are Suffering needlessly & that Wisdom, Enlightenment, is the “Master Key” that unlocks the Door to the Mitigation of such Suffering.

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