Body Vehicle Problems

I have been in a fair amount of pain lately from an underlying medical condition that I cannot take care of right now because I am uninsured & cannot afford to pay. But my Medicare starts on March 1st. So, if I am careful & I can hang on that long, then, I can do something about the issue. It will probably require a day or two in a hospital. Maybe, an outpatient surgical procedure. Not sure right now, but, will be finding out pretty soon. But, until then, until I can afford to get it done & got it scheduled, and done, I have to just be careful & tough it out. Most of the time I am reclining on the small couch in the Lower Library rather than sitting here at my writing desk in the Upper Library. Sitting up straight hurts more than reclining. Walking becomes an ordeal so I have to keep my shopping & errand runs short & sweet. I am taking Motrin in 800 mg doses once every 6-8 hours & that is helping with the pain. I am napping at least once per day, sometimes, twice. Sleep pattern is all mixed up. Tylenol PM helps me to sleep longer but it leaves me sleep drunk most of the next morning. Without the sleep aid, I can only sleep 3-4 hours at a stretch. Napping helps with the pain because my body being horizontal takes the pressure off & reduces the pain.

The Body Vehicle ages even if the Inner Self is getting younger & younger instead of older & older.

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