“Progress was a bad idea.”

Yup. That is something you probably don’t want to hear.
Probably, because you owe what Good you do have in your life [like, your job] to Progress.

But Truth is a two-faced liar. Don’t you know that?
And right along with the obvious Truth of all the benefits that Progress has brought…
There is the paradoxically & equally obvious Truth of the ultimately horrific Consequence of Progress.

Climate change. War. Mass… all kinds of bad things. Like, people dying. Or mass insanity outbreaks. Mass psychotic breaks.

This statement is meant to get right in your face & to challenge your unexamined assumptions.
When I say Truth is a two-faced liar, I am just pointing to what Heidegger & others came to realize about the True Nature of Truth.

Truth always leads, inevitably… to Falsehood.

And that is because there are Powers Higher than Truth & without which Truth cannot Stand.
Let alone… Under-Stand.

And one of those so-called “Truths” is our Idea of Progress.
What constitutes Progress? How do we gauge it? Or measure it?
Is it measurable? Is it Objective? Or Subjective?
Individual? Or Collective? Social? Or political?

Or is it all just a matter of… $?

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