Jung theorized that the whole human psyche consists of two major parts, the conscious part, focused mainly in the character structure of the functional ego, and, an unconscious part that speaks to us mainly through the imagery of dreams & our active imagination. This unconscious part, it turns out, has a lot of depth to it, and, at its deepest levels the structure of that unconscious part is such that the basic themes dealt with symbolically in the imagery of this level of the unconscious are of a “human universal” scope, being what Jung called “Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious” & are often associated with distinctive “Primordial Images” that recur over & over again throughout the literary genres of poetry & storytelling.

And in music. And in cinema.

Jung said that modern man is so entirely focused on egoistic pursuits, so consciously hypervigilant, that the entire human psyche is out of balance & under such circumstances the organic compensatory functions of the unconscious part of the psyche autonomously “kick in” & this is clearly evident in the various kinds of pathological personality worship that we modern humans engage in regularly.

Modern man is in search of a new myth. This is because the understanding of the world & the universe that was encoded into the old myths has changed & been for the most part falsified. The world & the universe turned out to be vaster & far more complicated than we had surmised. Our modern scientific methods have greatly expanded our cosmic perspective, but, this vaster perspective has also made u feel collectively much smaller & profoundly insignificant.

And our myth making, our storytelling, is still playing…

Catch Up…

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