Being “Naturopathic”

The Dragonist uses the term “Naturopathic” in a unique manner, hearkening back to the original Greek roots of the two words conjoined in this relatively new hybrid word… “Natura” & “Pathos” which means it is a compound word & the Subject at hand is a Compound Subject. This means, there is “Deep Structure” to be taken into consideration.

The first part of my new interpretation of the hybrid word “Naturopathic” hearkens back to the Ethos of the Ancient Greek Epicureans, and, to a somewhat lesser extent, the Stoics, both of which taught that the ground of our Authentic Character, our Ethos, our Morality, lies in our relationship to our external environment, in its broadest possible sense, as the Zeitgeist, or, the Horizon of the Worlding of Our World on the Socio-Psychological level. Both Schools taught “Harmony With Nature” as one of the highest virtues a human could have, a kind of “Royal Road” to Wisdom.

The second part of the hybrid word “Naturopathic” refers to our Sensitivity, to our Capacity for Empathy, Compassion & Sympathy for the Suffering & the Pain of Others. It comes from the original Ancient Greek word “Pathetikos” which really means… the ability to be “Sensitive to” an external stimulus, especially, an external stimulus originating from another Sapient Being or another Sentient Being. So, Being “Naturopathic” should be understood in the Heideggerian sense as an Ethical/Social/Psychological “Stance” or “Comportment” that a Dasein [a Human Being] consciously & authentically adopts.

This all ties right into the notion that I have been developing, lately, that the “Moral Compass” is BROKEN, meaning, that it is an outdated Moral Concept. And it is fundamentally mistaken, incorrect, and, it provides the “Moral Excuse” for Absolute Authoritarianism, It is the “Moral Gyroscope” that is the new, more correct, “Interpretation” of the Moral Imperative…

The True Nature of Conscience is not to be a Listener to a Voice Coming from a Compass, but rather, to be Speaker with a Voice Coming from a Gyroscope instead.

And, as you well know, the disadvantage to the Compass is that it never points toward True North, and so, ultimately, it “Misleads” us all. But the Gyroscope is True Navigation, based upon a Deep Clarity of Insight into the True Nature of the Human Moral Experience. We should Strive to be more like a Gyroscope than a Compass because that is, in fact, what our Planet Earth does, what the Earth & the Moon do together, and, even what the Earth-Moon & Sun all do together.

In other words, we should be a Gyroscope because we live on the surface of a Gyroscope.
And we should Strive to Feel as Dizzy as Spinning Around at a Thousand Miles An Hour is Supposed to Feel.

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