“haiku soup sandwiches”

I think I already mentioned this. I wrote 14 today & dived deep into phenomena of ego, identity, and, alchemy.

It is some of the most cryptic stuff I have written yet. Look for it to be self-published via Amazon KDP soon.

Getting enough sleep everyday has been a struggle. Mobility low. But managing. Doctor’s intake appointment is April 5th. Everybody has to wait. Weeks to see the Doctor. Hours at emergency rooms. My 86 year old neighbor has had to wait 14 hours at the emergency room. I don’t foresee that happening. Weather is turning. My physician & I will get me up to par. Pretty happy about my creative output. You are not seeing that by design. It’s a surprise. I will tough it out. And go out & get some sunshine soon. And socialize on beautiful warm evenings.

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