There is no Dragon that does not spin.

A “Spin” is the establishment of Time Travel along a World Line.

The spinning Earth is a spinning Dragon.

It is a Time Machine. A Dragon is a Time Machine. For multiple World Lines traversed by multiple inhabitants of the planet.

When the inhabitants look up & out into the Cosmos [the Macrocosmic, the Above] they are Time Traveling into the Past. Not the Future. The Past.

When they look down [the Microcosmic, the Below] they are not looking Within [themselves] so much as they are looking below, toward the Center of the planet below their feet. The ground on which they stand. Their Foundation. They are actually Time Traving into the Present, the Here & Now. The Gyronoesis of the World in which they Live. The Worlding of their World. And yes, the mere Being Present in the World, Being in the Here & Now… is Time Travel. And, it is Being on the Stage of Existence. The Living of a Life. And the Living of Life. By all Lives on the planet.

More later. About Time Travel into the Future.

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