The Easy Button

Yeah, I admit it. I’ve been pushing the “Easy Button” lately. I’ve been posting little pieces of my Dragon Cosmology on my Facebook Feed instead of here. I have been composing on the fly, spontaneously, right on Facebook. The composition books haven’t been touched for months. Turns out that I don’t need them that much. And I have been creatively very active lately although here I have been rather quiet.

If I get back to posting here, it will be mirrored to my Facebook Dragonology Page. But people seldom look at my Pages. They look at my Feed. And I can’t push in reverse, compose on the Facebook Page & push to Blog Post here. The “Page” in Facebook is a business-centric contraption that I have adapted to my own little writing agendas. But it is pretty useless, really, since it hardly ever gets seen.

A lot of material just comes spilling out spontaneously & will need cleanup later. I have to catch it while it is hot off the griddle.

But I will make more of an effort here to actually blog & clue you in with what I am working on & share it in its nascent state.

You will get to see some of the sausage making. Yummy!

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