If It Isn’t God, Then, What?

By the time I was 15 I was persuaded as to the great value of an integrative perspective with regard to the ontological & existential status of The Transcendental.

Although there is Great Wisdom to be found in the primary texts of the monotheistic religions, and, the theistic perspective in general, it gives us an incomplete picture if we do not include the blatantly polytheistic teachings of Hinduism, or, if we ignore the complete absence of a deity at all in the teachings of theravada Buddhism, or, if we exclude the union of Mysticism & Folk Mythology in Taoism.

Religion is complicated because it is a Creation of Imagination. For the most part, OUR Imagination. But also, to some extent, a Deeper Imagination than our own.

I have always had this Mystical Curiosity that I cannot resist. It is what drives me to write. Science just wasn’t Big enough for my Imagination.

By the time I was 15, I already knew that Theism wasn’t what people think it is. On many levels, our understanding of the Theistic Message has been skewed. We will have a lot of unlearning to do. But the Core Message & Truth of Theism will still stand.

The ontological status of the ordinary everyday person matters & has an important place, a critical Mission to Accomplish, in the Grand Scheme of Things.

The Dragon Called Us…

Because Life Needs Us…

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