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I decided to watch David Cronenberg’s film adaptation of William S. Burrough’s Naked Lunch again. This is a pretty surrealistic movie, centering around writers & their typewriters & how they write & whether or not they are using mind blowing & soul blooming drugs to stoke their creativity.

I latched onto the typewriter thing. I ended up spending a thousand dollars on a beautiful burgundy 1958 Olympia SM3 manual typewriter. It has been shipped already. Interestingly, for this past few days, since I bought the typewriter, I have completely lost my desire to compose any more poetry on the fly in my Facebook feed. I am waiting for the typewriter to get here. That’s how I will compose my poetry from now on.

And that all led me to go back & watch James Franco as Allen in the remarkable Howl film that centers around the obscenity trial. And so, here I am, today, listening to all of my Allen Ginsberg CDs again.

So, my poetry writing is taking a serious CIA-style turn, done now, locked up, inside the cloister, the Alchemical Athanor, the Crucible of Isolation, buried deep within the Earth, underneath the surface of things, kind of like a Yellow Submarine, sailing in a Sea of Green, with a periscope, peeking, at the Mysteries of The Above & The Beyond.

And my Facebook feed is becoming my blog & this Dragon Blog remains standing. It still is The Dragonology Project: a Mythic Reimagination of The Dragon. Pure & Simple. It is the Subtext of that Story.

Which is a Thaumaturgickal Treasure Hunt.

Which is why it is a story. An unfinished story

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