The True Nature of Man

Man was not made in the image of God. This is a forgivable error, an incorrect teaching. We know so much more now. That Man is not an image. Man is a force of Nature. Besides, God is the Supreme Being. It is impossible for there to be an image of God. Man was patterned after the Dragon & has the same Awareness Pattern as the Dragon: a Mind of Elemental Fire, a Soul of Elemental Water, the Coitus of which results in the emergence of the Spirit Incarnate, in Eternal Ekstatic Flight, the Elemental of Air, via the Ekstasis and, it is what enables the evolutionary development of the Aerosol Mind, the Intellect, which gives rise to the Instrumentality of Man. And since Man cannot be an image, not only can’t Man be made in the image of God, he can’t be made in the image of the Dragon either. Man is, in fact, the Consciousness of the Dragon. Man IS the Dragon.

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