All That Spins…

It isn’t just the Earth you stand upon that spins [at about 1,000 miles per hour at the equator]. There are also two counter-spinning cores, one, a liquid core, the other, a solid core. These two cores are made up of predominantly Iron & Nickel, and, the heaviest naturally occurring Elements of the Periodic Table, like Gold, and, Uranium. Each of the two cores is spinning at a different & somewhat variable rate, and both cores are generating electric currents in the Earth’s Cores & in its’ Mantle, and, interlaced, stochastically behaved magnetic fields that extend out to as far as 20,000 miles, forming a teardrop shape as the Solar Wind causes the magnetic fields of all of the planets with hot cores to behave like a comet’s tail, always pointing away from the “Helio-Center” of the Solar Collective. And, the magnetic fields of all of the planets, and even the Kuiper Belt, are completely contained within the magnetic field of the Sun.

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