All That Spinning…

There are very few things in the Universe that don’t spin. Even Time is spinning. We know this because we understand cyclicity to be an inherent feature of a “World-Line” & that seals the deal right there. Time is fundamentally cyclic. Space can also be spinning. The way we determine this is via a statistical analysis of the preferred rotation of galaxies throughout the Universe & we paradoxically find that the Universe as a whole does NOT spin, but, that all the Galaxies, Stars, Solar Systems & Worlds in the Universe do spin. Almost all of the fundamental particles of physics are spinning. In quantum mechanics we can talk about “up spin” & “down spin” in addition to clockwise & counterclockwise rotation of a material body. With reference to an ARBITRARY frame of reference, yes. The Relativity of both space & time and the unification of our Intuition of space & time as constituting a unified experiential structure opens the way to a deeper understanding of the cyclicity of that experience. Add to that, the inherent cyclicity of Number as demonstrated by the phenomenology of noetic geometry.

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