The Northern Dragon in The Sky

Look up at the Constellations in the Northern hemisphere.
Notice those Constellations that are gathered around the North Polar Star, Polaris.
One of those Constellations is called “The Dragon” & one of its Stars was once our North Polar Star.
That Star is Thuban. It was less than 10 minutes of arc from the exact Pole in 2,750 BCE.
You would have seen the entire Constellation of Draco wheel about since Thuban is about Draco’s center.

As you might guess, the Northern Direction,
Along with the Bright Constellations of the Northern Winter Nights, Sagittarius & Capricorn
Have Special Dragon Significance. When we look up at Sagittarius in the Winter
We are looking right into the Mythic Malevolent Heart at the Center of our own Galactic Dragon Nest.
“Sagittarius A-Star” a supermassive black hole [a rather small one, in fact] of about 4 Million Solar Masses.

When we look at that Center, we are Looking Into the Heart of The Future; the Destiny of the Meso-Cosmic.
The Northern Winter Solstice is so important to the Dragonologists that it has its own special Liturgical Meaning.
It is “EXCLUDED” from the Cycle of the Birth-Life-Death & Considered to be a Gyronoetik… Holiday.

The Dragon Liturgical Year, used for Devotional Purposes, therefore, is only 9 Human Months Long.
From February 2nd, to, October 31st. Indicating that the Human Life Cycle is a “Pregnancy” …

It Means: To Be “Fully Alive” is to Be…


Dragon as Natura Naturata

The One Dragon is inconceivable & unimaginable. Therefore, The Dragon, as Natura Naturans, is beyond our Human Comprehension at all levels and in all manners.

For further insight, go to Plato’s Parmenides dialogue, Plotinus’ Enneads, Spinoza’s Ethics, and, Hegel’s Phenomenology of Geist.

But, as Natura Naturata, The Dragon WANTS to Be Known, and, When Known, a Deep Clarity of Transcendental Insight Into The Meso-Cosmic Domain is Thaumaturgickally Attainable Via Resolute Devotion to The Dragon Path. That Path is a Treasure Hunt. Yes. The Dragon Wants to Be Known. And It Is Our Mission On Earth, as Dragonologists, as Dragoneers, and, as Dragon Dancers & Dragon Singers, to Know The Dragon, and, to Give Expression to that Knowing Via Our Creative Expressions and Reimaginations, for the Cause of Love, and, for the Cause of Beauty…




The World of the The MITS, The WITS,



It is with resoluteness, and with a profound sense of the beauty & sublime mystery of life, that I call myself, without arrogance or pretentiousness…

“A Friend of Wisdom.”

And Dragon Knows so well…

On this Planet…

In this World…

At this Time in the History of The Human Stone Beings marooned upon & “Dragon Riding”on the back of this Gorgeous Mother Earth Dragon Spinning around Her Sun…

That Wisdom NEEDS all the Friends it can get.

The Dragonology Project.

The front page that you land on whenever you come to visit says it all…

The Dragonology Project is a Mythic Reimagination of The Dragon.

My fourth book, “Fuzzy Logic, Moaning” has been published & you can buy a paperback copy for just $7.00. I was able to select monochrome, i.e., black & white printing, which lowers the retail price significantly. I take a very small amount for myself. I want to keep the cost low and just get the exposure. I have author copies coming in just a day or so. I always keep 20 or so copies on hand. Reach out to me on Facebook if you are a friend & want a signed copy. I will add it to the left sidebar menu on the front page soon.

I am now working on “Dragon Groaning” which will be an introduction to the Dragon Cosmology (the “Mythic Reimagination”) as it now stands.

“Dragon Groaning” will be kind of prosey, but also poetic. I am limiting my sentence lengths to no more than one line. There will be some diagrams. Not colored though. In order to keep the end cost to my readers as low as possible, any supporting imagery will be in black & white only.

“Dragon Groaning” will have the following major sections…

I. Dragon Anatomy

II. Dragon Physiology

III. Dragon Genealogy

IV. Dragon Phenomenology

V. Dragon Hermeneutics

Each major section will be a collection of prosey poems, usually limited to just a page or two, revealing an Intricate & Kaleidoscopic Dragon Cosmology that takes our Mythic Comprehension of “The Dragon” DOWN Into the Depths of the Mystery of the Macro-Micro-Meso-Cosmic to an entirely New Level of “Deep Clarity” Founded Upon Ancient Wisdom, but also, Updated, from the Perspective of what we NOW THINK We Know about The Universe & How It Works… Thanks, to our Modern & Blissfully Confused…


Dragon Anatomy 101

It Helps if you approach the Parts of The Dragon Anatomically.

You Begin, of course, with The Dragon Tooth & Claw,
Because that was My earliest Dragon Discovery,
Back in Nineteen Hundred and Eight-Zero.

But I didn’t “Make the Connection” with The Dragon,
Until Late Two Thousand and Nought-Nought Three.

And at about that Same Time, in Two Thousand and Nought-Nought Three,
I “Figured Out” what Invisible “Thingie” The Dragon was Keeping with Its Claw;
The Gyronoetikon, which is, Essentially, The Dragon’s World-Mind.

Then It “Dawned” on Me, in Two Thousand and Nought-Nought Three,
That this was also “The Mind of Fire” I “Conjured” in The Courtyard of Rock,
While “Mending” Broken Keys of Glass Into Keys of Broken Glass,
Further Back, In Nineteen Hundred and Niner Zero.

But further back than The Courtyard of Rock,
In Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Two,
Just two years after the Tooth & Claw Discovery,
I was Practicing at Being a Dancing Machine,
When I watched the corny Excalibur movie,
And I Fell in Love with Merlin, not with Arthur,
And I Heard Merlin refer to Excalibur as… The Spine of The Dragon,
Hence, Arose, The Original Story of the Rise of The Thytanikan Sword,
In the earliest Stages of the Two Thousand and Nought-Nought Three Year Thing.

And When I Looked into the Eye of The Dragon,
That’s when I Realized that It was no ordinary eye
But an Eye, Compound, Multi-Faceted, much like The Eye of The Dragonfly,
And I Gave It this Moniker… “The Dragon’s Diamond Eye,
And It came to Mean All the Many Lives Reincarnating Forever,
Every Facet of The Diamond Eye Being One Person’s Single Lifetime,
Repeated, Recapitulated, Until The Individuality Finally Gets It Right,
So, They Never Have to Leave Again; Because, After All…

Heaven on Earth IS The Earth Mission Goal.

The Dekeleraton

The Dragon Devotee Observes The Dekeleraton, a 26 day Abstinence from drugs & alcohol spanning from February 3rd to February 28th of each year. During this Observance the Dragon Devotee Practices the Thaumaturgy of “Eleos” as it was Named by the Ancient Greek Dragonologists & will Perform Significant Acts of Compassion for the Poor, the Homeless, the Physically & Mentally Disabled, the Aged, for the Children & for the Abandoned & the Lonely.

Dragon Religion What-If

Death is the Inevitable End
Of All “This Life on Earths,”
As the Stoics Said.

And There Is a Reason Why
“Academic” is So-Named;
Because It IS… “Merely Academic Now,”
As the Skeptics Said.

And the Moral Compass
Now Lies Broken,
As Nietzsche Said.

So, Put Down Your Moral Compass
And Pick Up Your Gyroscope Instead,
As The Epicureans Said.

Did I Ever Tell You?
If There Ever Was
A Dragon Religion?
Invented, “Do-It-Yourself” Style?
That It Would Be
A “Merely Academic”
But Extremely Necessary
Shameless Reboot
Of “All Things Greek” ?
With An Overman?
For a Prophet?

A New Kind of Human Being
Is Now “Making the Scene”

And I Just Unloaded
Your Magazine!

What I Became When I Stopped

An Ascendor from the Gyro of the Earth
To the Gyro of the Sun!

Who Sees the Gyro in the Room
With Psychedelic Dragon Diamond Eyes.

Riding the Jupiter Dragon
Like the Witch Rides Her Broom!

Breaking all Trans-Saturnian
Warp Speed Limits…

You Better Watch Out!
I Got a Kuiper Belt
Holding Up These Dragon Pants.

Oh, and By the Way,
Don’t You Want to Know?
What I Stopped?


I Stopped Believing.

I Stopped!
I Stopped Believing in the Journalism of It All.

I Stopped Believing
That My Only Duty
Wasn’t, to Make Love & Beauty.

I Stopped!
I Stopped Believing in the Philosophy of Things.

And I Stopped Believing that Infinite Progress
Wasn’t, a Bad Idea.

I Even Stopped Believing in Big Science!

I Stopped Believing
That Truth!
Wasn’t, a Two-Faced LIAR!

America Needs a Jeremiah Now.
So, the Dragon Sent
A Dragon Singer,

To Sing Your Nightmare to Sleep!