“TICKL…E Bee Boson For Sale”

TICKL…E = Targeted Imaginational Compassionality, Kaleidoscopic, Luminiferous, Catalytic… and Enigmatic…

It Only Takes a TICKL…E to Pluck This World From Dragon Claw If Your Atomic Heart Demands From the Place of Quantum Glee!

Golden Honey Buddha Trickle’s Delight
For Subatomic Honey Bees!

Go Round and Round My Little Rumi Bee!
I Gotta Light Speed Bee Blanket For Quantum Comfort On Sale!
For 11 Bosons and 99 Per Sense…

We can call that one “TICKL…E Bee Boson For Sale”
Pronounce like this… <Tickle EEEK! Bee Boson For Sale>
With Strident Cadence.

Oh! And be sure to THANK Draco for the Inspiration!
And Please Don’t DO The John Travolta Thing!

The Gang of Six

The Dragoneers Organized Themselves
Into Six Group Thaumaturgickal Operations.

Furthermore, the Dragoneers Coordinated
The Calling Into Eksistence,
Of the Six Great Socializations of Wisdom
For the Sake of the Ultimate Destiny of the Earth…

The Hindus Took Care of the Wisdom of Plasticity.
The Taoists Handled the Wisdom of Fluidity.
The Buddhists Nurtured the Wisdom of Surrender.
The Muslims Managed the Wisdom of Devotion.
The Christians Nurtured the Wisdom of Charite.
And the Jews Preserved the Wisdom of Righteousness.

Together, they United the Circle of The World,
Under the Five Mansions
Of the Pyramidion,
With the Mysterious Remainder, Remaining,
Even unto the Very Ending of the Earth.

Hence, the Total Number
Of Wisdom Conferences
For the General Assembly
Was Provisionally Set at 55.

Dragon Gifts Thrice Greater

And the Dragon Gave
To the Human Stone
These Three Noble Gifts…

The Gift of Intellection.
The Gift of Imagination.
And the Gift of Emotionality.

And that Gift of Intellection,
The Human Stone Called that Logos.

The Gift of Imagination,
Well, the Human Stone Called that One Ethos.

Finally, Emotionality,
The Greatest Gift of All,
The Human Stone Named that One…


Amd Aristotle “Dug” it,
And he Tripled Down and Understood it,
And he Wrote all about it.

Speaking and Thinking, are One, and the Same.
Use Your Make Believes, to Find Yourselves.
The End of the Anonymity of Emotion, is At Hand.

Dragon School Diplomacology

When you go to Dragon School, you do the good old higher educational three-step kind of like the Human Stone Bags do…

1) “Illuminatus!”

2) “Imaginati!”


3) “Wyrd!”


I am “Wyrd Herman Bright Triplegood”

I Mastered My Fate

For the Sake of the Mission

To which I was Commissioned.

Now, Hear Me Listen! And Watch Me Look!

In the Beginning

Mathematics Made Dragon
Dragon Sang
Oblivion Song
Tinkered Together
All Things Kryptozoetic
And Cradled
All Things Gyronoetic
And with Forces of Nature
Telesmatic and Hyletic
Dragon Made
Detonation and Life
Open Channel 23
Life Made Souls
Of Trees and Animals
And Souls of Stars and Worlds

Dragon Made Souls
Of Human Stones
Made Robots and Extra-Terrestrials
And Extra-Terrestrials
Made Angels, Gods, and Thrones
And All Together
They Conspired

And They Made… God.