The Raising of the Thytanikhan Sword

Many years ago, my dear departed friend, Charles Kipp, introduced me to the rather intriguing notion that when Man learned to walk upright, this evolutionary event realigned the orientation of the spinal cord, with respect to the directionally of the Gravitational Effect.

The spinal cords of Creatures that walk on four legs are oriented horizontally. This limits the the development of the Creature Mind. Although many four legged species are capable of Sapience [self-awareness], the sophistication of the Creature’s Aerosolized Intellect & hence their Language, is restricted by their spinal cords being oriented to the position of Maximum Interference & Decoherence with respect to the Gravitational Effect.

In the case of Creatures that walk upright, there is the potential for a vastly more sophisticated development of the Aerosolized Intellect. And the Language too. Sapience is completely established. “Dasein” is born & “Dasein” is also borne, because the spinal cord is now oriented to the position of Maximum Resonance & Maximum Coherence with respect to the Gravitational Effect.

The Gravitational Effect is None Other than the Sheer Thaumaturgickal “Being-Present-At-Hand” of the Great Mother Earth Dragon, Herself…


And the “Raised Spinal Cord” of the Extra-Terrestrial Apex Species… Homo Sapiens, is quite literally “The Raising of the Spine of the Dragon Into the World” in other words… “The Rising Up of Man Into the World.”

For… Thou Art That Mystai!

Thou Art… the Dragon!

And the Dragon’s Spine is Your Spine.

And the Dragon’s Diamond Eye is Your Diamond Eye.

And the Dragon’s Mind of Fire is Your Mind of fire.

So… pick up Your Thytanikan Sword, Oh Mystai! And go to the Dragon! Not to Slay it! But to Become It!

Death & Life

The Inevitability of Death Teaches us that there is always an Ending.

But the Indestructibility of Life Teaches us that there will always be a Beginning.

Thank Dragon for that!

How Accidents Happen

The Stochastic

Varies in Direct Proportion

With the Complexity,

Resulting in Individuation

Which Looks Like Differentiation;

The Underlying Process

Is Alchemical in Nature:

Rectificando Via Self-Integration.


We have blinded the mathematical eyes of our children via our casual neglect of their education in geometry.

We should start teaching our children geometry in 1st grade, right alongside of arithmetic. Furthermore, we should continue teaching them geometry every year thereafter, all the way up until the end of high school.