The Easy Button

Yeah, I admit it. I’ve been pushing the “Easy Button” lately. I’ve been posting little pieces of my Dragon Cosmology on my Facebook Feed instead of here. I have been composing on the fly, spontaneously, right on Facebook. The composition books haven’t been touched for months. Turns out that I don’t need them that much. And I have been creatively very active lately although here I have been rather quiet.

If I get back to posting here, it will be mirrored to my Facebook Dragonology Page. But people seldom look at my Pages. They look at my Feed. And I can’t push in reverse, compose on the Facebook Page & push to Blog Post here. The “Page” in Facebook is a business-centric contraption that I have adapted to my own little writing agendas. But it is pretty useless, really, since it hardly ever gets seen.

A lot of material just comes spilling out spontaneously & will need cleanup later. I have to catch it while it is hot off the griddle.

But I will make more of an effort here to actually blog & clue you in with what I am working on & share it in its nascent state.

You will get to see some of the sausage making. Yummy!


There is no Dragon that does not spin.

A “Spin” is the establishment of Time Travel along a World Line.

The spinning Earth is a spinning Dragon.

It is a Time Machine. A Dragon is a Time Machine. For multiple World Lines traversed by multiple inhabitants of the planet.

When the inhabitants look up & out into the Cosmos [the Macrocosmic, the Above] they are Time Traveling into the Past. Not the Future. The Past.

When they look down [the Microcosmic, the Below] they are not looking Within [themselves] so much as they are looking below, toward the Center of the planet below their feet. The ground on which they stand. Their Foundation. They are actually Time Traving into the Present, the Here & Now. The Gyronoesis of the World in which they Live. The Worlding of their World. And yes, the mere Being Present in the World, Being in the Here & Now… is Time Travel. And, it is Being on the Stage of Existence. The Living of a Life. And the Living of Life. By all Lives on the planet.

More later. About Time Travel into the Future.

“haiku soup sandwiches”

I think I already mentioned this. I wrote 14 today & dived deep into phenomena of ego, identity, and, alchemy.

It is some of the most cryptic stuff I have written yet. Look for it to be self-published via Amazon KDP soon.

Getting enough sleep everyday has been a struggle. Mobility low. But managing. Doctor’s intake appointment is April 5th. Everybody has to wait. Weeks to see the Doctor. Hours at emergency rooms. My 86 year old neighbor has had to wait 14 hours at the emergency room. I don’t foresee that happening. Weather is turning. My physician & I will get me up to par. Pretty happy about my creative output. You are not seeing that by design. It’s a surprise. I will tough it out. And go out & get some sunshine soon. And socialize on beautiful warm evenings.

The Kryptozoetikon

It is hidden cleverly within the Noetic Geometry of the Prime Number 13. And it reveals the Deep Structure of the Codification of Indestructible Life into Existence in the Form of a Dragon, Showing Its’ Tooth, Its’ Claw & Its’ Voice.

In order for there to be Existence, the Wave Function has Collapsed & Cosmic Consciousness has Awakened as the One Dragon, We the Librarians & Friends of Wisdom Name “Zoe” & Regard with Highest Respect, Reverence & Devotion, and the Universe has Precipitated into Cosmos via the Thaumaturgy of the Awareness Pattern of Cosmic Consciousness, constituting a Spirit of Fire, joining a Soul of Water, Generating Steam, an Atmosphere, Air for the Waters of Life on Earth, a Mind of Air, Nous, Noesis, the Noosphere, and this was the Beginning of the never ending Detonation Into the Light, and, the Big Bang Happened.

And it is still Happening. It is still Banging.

Pure Energy Came First, and, with it, the Framework of Spatiotemporality & causality. It Began a Reverberation, a Second Awareness Pattern. The Awareness Pattern of the Dragon itself. And it Overtly Became Dragon Made Manifest, and it was Named Ekhtrosokht, and it is the Mind of Fire, a Pymander, associated with the Dragon’s Faculty of Imagination. And with ours. For, we were not made in the Image of God. We were made in the Image of the Dragon.

Health Check

I have not been all that well lately & that is why it has been a week since I have posted on the Dragon Blog. There. That’s my excuse. I have been in between medical insurance [uninsured] for the past few months. Medicare starts on March 1st. I already know the name of my Primary Care Physician. Hopefully, it won’t take long to get me in for my first appointment so we can get started on dealing with some of the medical issues that have slowed me down & impacted my productivity. Although I have not posted here in a week, I have been steadily producing haikus on an almost daily basis. I am compiling all of them into a manuscript titled “haiku soup sandwiches” which I will publish through KDP later this year. I have done no work on either Jupiter Dragon or Dragon Cosmology for a month now. But that’s okay. The important thing right now is to take care of my body so that I can get back into a regular exercise routine. Because of the pain & discomfort I have been feeling, I have not been able to go for walks or e-bike rides for months now & my weight has gone up from about 155 to about 165. But that’s okay. I don’t want to push my body too hard & end up having to go to a Quick Care or Emergency Room. Without any insurance, that would be pretty costly.

So, just hang in there my friends while I hang on & stay tuned for more…
I appreciate all of you who are following me.

About Once Every 46 Years Or So…

telegraph… invented in 1832

telephone… invented in 1876

television… invented in 1920

teleconferencing… introduced in 1968 @ World’s Fair in New York City

Changes in the technologies we use to communicate have profoundly shaped & perhaps even distorted our day-to-day experiences.