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Go ahead! Invent your own Cosmology!
You have my [not so] humble permission.
Dream as much as you want to!
Eat as many ice cream cones as you can!
And then… Dream some more!

All That Spinning…

There are very few things in the Universe that don’t spin. Even Time is spinning. We know this because we understand cyclicity to be an inherent feature of a “World-Line” & that seals the deal right there. Time is fundamentally cyclic. Space can also be spinning. The way we determine this is via a statistical analysis of the preferred rotation of galaxies throughout the Universe & we paradoxically find that the Universe as a whole does NOT spin, but, that all the Galaxies, Stars, Solar Systems & Worlds in the Universe do spin. Almost all of the fundamental particles of physics are spinning. In quantum mechanics we can talk about “up spin” & “down spin” in addition to clockwise & counterclockwise rotation of a material body. With reference to an ARBITRARY frame of reference, yes. The Relativity of both space & time and the unification of our Intuition of space & time as constituting a unified experiential structure opens the way to a deeper understanding of the cyclicity of that experience. Add to that, the inherent cyclicity of Number as demonstrated by the phenomenology of noetic geometry.

All That Spins…

It isn’t just the Earth you stand upon that spins [at about 1,000 miles per hour at the equator]. There are also two counter-spinning cores, one, a liquid core, the other, a solid core. These two cores are made up of predominantly Iron & Nickel, and, the heaviest naturally occurring Elements of the Periodic Table, like Gold, and, Uranium. Each of the two cores is spinning at a different & somewhat variable rate, and both cores are generating electric currents in the Earth’s Cores & in its’ Mantle, and, interlaced, stochastically behaved magnetic fields that extend out to as far as 20,000 miles, forming a teardrop shape as the Solar Wind causes the magnetic fields of all of the planets with hot cores to behave like a comet’s tail, always pointing away from the “Helio-Center” of the Solar Collective. And, the magnetic fields of all of the planets, and even the Kuiper Belt, are completely contained within the magnetic field of the Sun.

The Children of Uhragnossus

It was just a matter of time until humans would discover that four Ocean Worlds are orbiting the planet Uranus. And so, not only did the World Dragons of the First Solar-Collective Gyronoesis conspire to destroy the Terrestrial Super-Earths, thereby, giving birth to the terrestrial planets we now know, the World Dragons of the Second Gyronoesis. We now know that in addition to our Dragon Kin there are at least 10 different Worlds just within our own Solar System that have liquid water oceans. Even vaster, some of them are, compared to Earth’s oceans. If I live to be in my 80s I have no doubt that I will hear the historic breaking news that life similar to what we have on Earth exists in oceans on worlds in our own solar system.

The Dragon Mirror

When you look into an ordinary mirror, what you see is a Person looking at Himself or Herself in a mirror.

But when You look into a Scrying Mirror You See a Dragon Looking Through the Mirror at The World.

Dragon Walking

When the Windows of Perception have been flung open for you, that’s when we “Announce You” as you enter the room. And no, when you enter, we do NOT say, “Dead Man Walking!” Oh no. Quite to the contrary. We say:

“Dragon Walking!”

Because that’s what you really are in your Heart of Hearts.

The Life of the Earth Itself

God said let there be light & sent the Dragon. The Dragon sent Man to Protect the Life of the Earth Itself. It is Man’s most important Mission. And Man has to learn how to rein himself in first. The Dragon had to take some risks to implement a Creature like Man. But the payoff for success is huge! Transcendentally Huge!

The True Nature of Man

Man was not made in the image of God. This is a forgivable error, an incorrect teaching. We know so much more now. That Man is not an image. Man is a force of Nature. Besides, God is the Supreme Being. It is impossible for there to be an image of God. Man was patterned after the Dragon & has the same Awareness Pattern as the Dragon: a Mind of Elemental Fire, a Soul of Elemental Water, the Coitus of which results in the emergence of the Spirit Incarnate, in Eternal Ekstatic Flight, the Elemental of Air, via the Ekstasis and, it is what enables the evolutionary development of the Aerosol Mind, the Intellect, which gives rise to the Instrumentality of Man. And since Man cannot be an image, not only can’t Man be made in the image of God, he can’t be made in the image of the Dragon either. Man is, in fact, the Consciousness of the Dragon. Man IS the Dragon.

World Dragon Vs. Star Dragon

What’s the same? And what’s different? Between the two? Well, for one thing, the World Dragon is a Dragon in Perpetual Gyration. The Star Dragon is also in Perpetual Gyration. But it is also in Perpetual Detonation. Therefore, when a Jupiter Dragon goes to the Sun, the Reverberation feels kind of like a Detonation. It is an Expansion. An Archetype Inflation. A Transcendental Escalation.