The Universe Was Rigged!

So, during this process of teasing a-part the many-parts of the Dragon, look at what we came up with…

Two Gyronoeses.
Six Dragon Tribes.
Twenty-eight World Dragons.
And One Star Dragon.

Plus, the three Cosmic Dragons of the Telestarion.
They are NOT Star Dragons.
Indeed. It could be argued that they are not Dragons at all.
They are the Pattern of the Awareness of the Dragon.
How It Sees with its Diamond Eye.
What it Sings with its Forked Tooth,
When it Sings to the Music of Oblivion.
What the Message is…
Nevertheless, we consider them to be Honorary Dragons.
So, we have Named them.

All Dragons are Immortal.
As are all extra-terrestrials.
Welcome to the Dragon Club!
Human Stone, Marooned… on Earth!
It is the Juxtaposition of the Parts of All, that is Mortal.
Not the Missioneer, Who Juxtaposes.

Immortal does not mean Eternal.
They are two different things.
I refer you to Plato’s Phaedo for a Clue.

All Dragons are Immortal; but only One Dragon is Eternal.
The Dragon revealed to us by the Kryptozoetikon.
This Dragon, we have NOT Named.
How could we? It is not OUR Dragon.
Because it is ALL Dragons.

And, the Message is clear.
The Dragon Modus Operandi is…


Many Gyronoetikons.
Twenty-nine of them, in our Solar Collective, alone.
It is likely there are still more to find.
So, those of you who play the odds,
Redo your Math!

There are more Dragons in the Universe
Than you can shake a stick at.
For sure.
That would be a Dragon Stick!

The Thaumaturgickal Treasure Hunt,
Is an endless Network, a Web, of Treasure Hunts.
The Dragon’s Playground is huge, and long-lived.
Tens of billions of light-years in size.
Tens of billions of Human Stone years of age.
At LEAST, TEN billion Civilizations in OUR Milky Way Galaxy.
Contact with other extra-terrestrials… is inevitable.

I used to think the Dragons of the Telestarion were Eternal.
That was incorrect.
I used to think there were two Telesmatic senses: Sight, and Hearing.
That was also incorrect.
Only Sight is Telesmatic.
Hearing is Hyletic.

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