Dragon Astral Numerosis

We are too stuck on One, Two, and Three. As important as they are, we must understand the underlying patterns of our Universe via paying attention to the details. And what do you see? One big fucking, chaotic, complicated mess rife with Codes, Mysteries, and Enigmas.

1,2&3 don’t cut it, and neither does 1-10.

It turns out that what we once thought was a single and universal Astral Plane turns out to be an almost unimaginable number of individual Gyronoetikons always associated with either Suns or Worlds and some of the Worlds are planets, some are moons, and some are built by Extra-Terrestrials.

So, there is no Astral Plane. But there ARE Astral Spheres, all networked together via Quantum Galactic Internets to constitute an incalculable number of Galactica Encyclopedias that boggle even the most Mystical and Sufic of Imaginations.

All connected together by multiple quantum entanglements.

Yes, Virginia. One must at first achieve a sufficient degree of “Madness” before entering the Dragon Hall of Philosophic Fame.

The Physicists of the future will likely all have crazy hair like Albert and Nicola and will seem more like powerful and frightening Wizards than innocent and curious seekers of truth.

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