Fundamental Dragonology

Fundamental Dragonology is kind of like Heidegger’s Fundamental Ontology.

One of the most basic tenets of Fundamental Dragonology has to do with the Senses.

There are FIVE that we are sure of. But there could be more.
The Senses are divided into TWO types.
The four Hyletic Senses of Touch, Taste, Smell, and Hearing.
And the single Telesmatic Sense of Sight.

I said there could be more than just these FIVE.
My candidate for a SIXTH would be a Radio Sense which is biologically plausible.
There are sea snakes here on Earth which generate electric pulses in the Water.
They communicate with each other that way.
This is a REAL Scientific FACT.
In the fictional documentary series, Alien Encounters, the Aliens implant a new organ into the brains of our unborn children.
The organ has an unusual concentration of metallic Elements in it. It is, in fact, a radio transmitter and receiver.
This is an entirely plausible biological development, and, it would be our Second Telesmatic Sense if it were to happen to us.

Perhaps, it has already happened to some of us with the right mutation, even if it isn’t an obvious new brain organ.
This would explain a great many historical, anecdotal reports of Psychic phenomena.
BUT… it would NOT explain them AWAY. It would, rather, deepen the Mystery of the Telesmatic Sense Modality.

There are just TWO Fundamental Forces of Nature.
The Telesmatic Force.
And the Hyletic Force.
The Telesmatic Force is called, by Physics, the Electromagnetic Force.
And Physics see TWO Fundamental Forces in the Hyletic Force.
The Strong Nuclear Force, and, the Weak Nuclear Force.
In fact, both of the Dragonologist’s TWO Fundamental Forces of Nature are, if you will, Janus-faced, or, dualistic in Nature.
The Telesmatic Force is known as Electromagnetism, and, we know, from James Clerk Maxwell, that it is TWO Forces in One.
Electricity. And Magnetism.
The two Nuclear Forces of Physics, we suspect, are the same. They are the Janus-faced, dualistic, expression of the ONE Force.

Then, what about Gravity? You say. Physics says that Gravity is the Fourth Fundamental Force of Nature.
But Einstein, in fact, explained it away, and our search for the Graviton is, in fact, a Fool’s Errand.
Gravity is not a Fundamental Force of Nature. It is an EFFECT.

And what, exactly, is PUT into EFFECT?
And… Locality.

Which HIDES the underlying…

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