The Northern Dragon in The Sky

Look up at the Constellations in the Northern hemisphere.
Notice those Constellations that are gathered around the North Polar Star, Polaris.
One of those Constellations is called “The Dragon” & one of its Stars was once our North Polar Star.
That Star is Thuban. It was less than 10 minutes of arc from the exact Pole in 2,750 BCE.
You would have seen the entire Constellation of Draco wheel about since Thuban is about Draco’s center.

As you might guess, the Northern Direction,
Along with the Bright Constellations of the Northern Winter Nights, Sagittarius & Capricorn
Have Special Dragon Significance. When we look up at Sagittarius in the Winter
We are looking right into the Mythic Malevolent Heart at the Center of our own Galactic Dragon Nest.
“Sagittarius A-Star” a supermassive black hole [a rather small one, in fact] of about 4 Million Solar Masses.

When we look at that Center, we are Looking Into the Heart of The Future; the Destiny of the Meso-Cosmic.
The Northern Winter Solstice is so important to the Dragonologists that it has its own special Liturgical Meaning.
It is “EXCLUDED” from the Cycle of the Birth-Life-Death & Considered to be a Gyronoetik… Holiday.

The Dragon Liturgical Year, used for Devotional Purposes, therefore, is only 9 Human Months Long.
From February 2nd, to, October 31st. Indicating that the Human Life Cycle is a “Pregnancy” …

It Means: To Be “Fully Alive” is to Be…


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