That is the question. And yeah, I know, I know. I have been posting daily for 11 days & no BLOG post yet. Not by the strict definition of “BLOG Post” anyway. I presume, because I don’t really know, because I’ve never bothered to look it up, that “BLOG” means something like, “BIO-LOG” which I interpret to mean, essentially… “Dear Diary…”

Well, I ain’t done THAT yet! Now have I? Is it some kind of a mental block? An Unconscious Repression Mechanism? Does it make me feel “vulnerable” to be so mundane & intimate as to just say…

“Dear Diary:”
“I had a good BM this morning.”
“But I didn’t brush my teeth.”
“And it’s been 6 days since I took a shower.”
“And the clean clothes are still sitting in the laundry basket.”
“And the lattice work for the closing up of the breezeway & inauguration of the Bordello has not yet occurred.”
“Because I am afraid of pestering the poor handyman who works his butt off here at the 55+ mobile home park I live in.”
“My mobility is limited & I am unable to either walk or bicycle to get the exercise I need. The Reason? A big hernia.”
“Eating Motrin like candy. Being extra cautious about the step down into the Lower Library so I don’t take another fall.”
“Hoping that my aortal aneurism doesn’t decide to blow before I get to a Cardiologist & into surgery to get it fixed.”
“Wondering when the next bipolar meltdown is going to rear its ugly head & generally depressed with SAD.”
“You know what that is, right? Seasonal Affective Disorder. But my bipolar cycles 2-3 times a year anyway.
“I hibernate like a bear & become an almost total “Shut-In” between October 31st & February 2nd every single year.”
“Regularly, like an accurate calendar. I had dreams while I took nap number 2 this afternoon. And it was a weird dream.”
“I like weird dreams. Do you? Tell me one of your dreams in a Comment.”

Anyway, you do understand that a “Bio Log” is just like a “Bio Pic” right? There is an analogue of “Poetic License” involved in a “Bio Pic” which tends to embellish or even distort the facts, as opposed to an ordinary “biography” which pretty much by definition is required to be factually correct. No white lies allowed. Well, you know what a “Bio Log” is in your gut of guts. I know you do. It is like writing lyric poetry, isn’t it? You let it all hang out. You let your guts hang out. And you talk about how you feel. And you “pour on” the Imagery with every ounce of Imagination you got. And that is what we call, at the Highest Level, not just “Poetic License” but rather… “Artistic License.”

We need to reacquire our True Understanding of the Beauty & Necessity of the Word… “Art.”
Music is Art. Sculpture is Art. Cinema is Art. Architecture is Art. Graffiti is Art. RAP is Art.
Got it? Good!
And here is a parting hint having to do with where to begin with your very own personal reimagination…

Of Art:

Notice that it is associated with the Zodiacal Constellation of Sagittarius, which is where Sagittarius A-Star, the supermassive Black Hole at the Center of our Galaxy [Dragon Nest] is located. And, the Latin inscription says this: “Visita Interiora Terra Rectificando Invennes Olcultum Lapidem,” which translates thusly into English: “Visit the Interior of the Earth and by Rectification Thou Shalt Find the Hidden Stone.”

It is Astrology.
It is Alchemy.
And it is Transpersonal [Jungian] Psychology.

All… are One & the Same Science… Dragon Thaumaturgy.

Which is Art.

And Science.

Both at the Same Time.

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