The Kryptozoetikon

It is hidden cleverly within the Noetic Geometry of the Prime Number 13. And it reveals the Deep Structure of the Codification of Indestructible Life into Existence in the Form of a Dragon, Showing Its’ Tooth, Its’ Claw & Its’ Voice.

In order for there to be Existence, the Wave Function has Collapsed & Cosmic Consciousness has Awakened as the One Dragon, We the Librarians & Friends of Wisdom Name “Zoe” & Regard with Highest Respect, Reverence & Devotion, and the Universe has Precipitated into Cosmos via the Thaumaturgy of the Awareness Pattern of Cosmic Consciousness, constituting a Spirit of Fire, joining a Soul of Water, Generating Steam, an Atmosphere, Air for the Waters of Life on Earth, a Mind of Air, Nous, Noesis, the Noosphere, and this was the Beginning of the never ending Detonation Into the Light, and, the Big Bang Happened.

And it is still Happening. It is still Banging.

Pure Energy Came First, and, with it, the Framework of Spatiotemporality & causality. It Began a Reverberation, a Second Awareness Pattern. The Awareness Pattern of the Dragon itself. And it Overtly Became Dragon Made Manifest, and it was Named Ekhtrosokht, and it is the Mind of Fire, a Pymander, associated with the Dragon’s Faculty of Imagination. And with ours. For, we were not made in the Image of God. We were made in the Image of the Dragon.

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